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Title: 人力資源客服代表---人資的新角色
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2008
Abstract: 隨著時代環境的改變,傳統的組織人事管理在轉變為人力資源管理後,又轉變成策略性人力資源管理,可見人力資源專業領域內涵隨時代在轉變,人力資源專業人員的角色與任務也不斷在轉變及增加中。隨著組織規模的擴大、組織型態的調整與外在經營管理環境的變遷,人力資源服務工作開始走向顧客導向,而更強調內部顧客的服務。因此,就在因應企業需求的改變下,人資客服代表(Account Service, AS)的新角色已逐漸形成。本研究就在前述的背景下,希望探討人資客服代表的主要工作內容、扮演之角色,以及成功扮演角色之關鍵因素。研究過程先透過相關文獻的蒐集、整理與分析,再據以擬訂訪談問題大綱,並選定三位不同服務內容人資客服代表作為訪談對象,進行多重個案的實地訪談以蒐集資料。本研究獲致的結果為人資客服代表的工作內容不再是單純的行政工作,更多的是在人力資源部門端與所派駐單位端之間進行有效的協調與溝通,並且能夠有效的執行內部顧客需求分析,提供內部顧客諮詢與指導之服務。AS所扮演之角色主要包括人資服務提供者、人資專業諮詢者、資訊傳遞者以及溝通協調者。而成功扮演其角色所需之關鍵因素,主要須具備人力資源專業能力、溝通協調能力、客戶服務精神與能力,以及主動了解、學習內部顧客單位工作內容、產品及作業流程等能力。
With the flux of shift in time and physical environment, the traditional personnel management shifts into human resources management, and this was transformed into strategic human resource management. Therefore, the roles of human resources professionals are also accumulating. With the expansion in the organizational scale, organizational context and the changes of external environment, human resources servicing gradually shifts to a customer-oriented servicing direction with more emphasis on the internal customer services. To facilitate the changing business needs, new positions such as the Human Resources customer service representatives were formed (So called Account Service, AS). This study investigates many aspects of Account Service representatives including the contents of their work, the role they played and the key factors to their success. The research process includes collecting, compiling a survey of literatures with supported theoretical outline that supplemented the context of interview questions. Overall, three Account Service representatives were interview in-depth to gather information. The results showed that the content of the work for AS is no longer purely administrative work, but as a liaison who coordinate effective communication between the Human Resources Department and the end-units stations. Moreover, AS is responsible to implement internal customers' needs analysis and provide internal customers consultations and guidance service. The multiple roles of the AS include HR service providers, Human Resources professional consultant, information transmitter, as well as communication coordinator. To successfully play these multiple roles required strong capabilities in professional HR competence, communication and coordination skills, a passion and self-motivation in customer servicing, and a willingness to understand and study the contents of work for internal customers units such as products and processes etc.
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