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Title: 國外流行音樂發展政策專題研究計畫
Other Titles: 日本與韓國流行音樂文化產業政策研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學東亞學系
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2013
Abstract: 國外流行音樂發展政策專題研究計畫─日本與韓國流行音樂文化產業政策研究 我國近年致力發展文化創意產業,流行音樂產業亦晉身文化創意產業旗艦計畫項目,為尋求未來相關政策參考,本研究以日本與韓國流行音樂文化產業政策為研究對象,研究範疇包括兩國產業的現況、組織制度、發展策略及政策法令的制度過程等。此外,也藉由比較方法釐清兩國流行音樂政策的特色及差異,及不同發展模式造成的效益及問題,再與臺灣發展現況做一簡單比較。本研究擬運用文獻及政策分析方法,輔以諮詢專家與相關從業人員意見,擬達成之目的包括:第一、蒐集日本、韓國推行流行音樂相關機構、政策,推行計畫及執行政策等資料,並且進行分行分析整理。第二、我國已於2010年將流行音樂產業納入文化創意產業旗艦產業之一,本研究擬探討日本與韓國流行音樂產業政策及法規配套情形,供本部規劃政策及制定法規時的重要參考。第三、評估國內流行音樂環境及產業發展的政策需求,導入本案的研析成果,提出適於臺灣的政策與制度建議。
Development policies of foreign popular music: a study on the development policies of popular music industry in Japan and South Korea Cultural and creative industries have been aggressively developed by the government in recent years, and the promotion of popular music industry has become a principal project of the development of the cultural and creative industries. To establish a guideline for the relevant policies, this research focuses on the development policies of popular music industry in Japan and South Korea. The research scope covers, with respect to both countries, the industrial situation nowadays, the organizations and systems, the development strategies, and the legislative process of the corresponding regulations, etc. In addition, the characteristics of development policies of popular music industry of both countries are compared; the distinction is clarified; and the benefits and disadvantages of different development modes are presented. Further, comparison of the above aspects is made between these two countries and Taiwan. This research would analyze the literature and policies and consult the experts and workers in the related field. The aim of the research is, first, collecting and analyzing the information of organizations, policies, promotion plans, and implementation procedures of popular music in Japan and South Korea. Second, the popular music industry has become one of the principal projects of the development of the cultural and creative industries in Taiwan since 2010. This research would investigate the developing policies and the supporting regulations of popular music industry in Japan and South Korea, suggesting a guideline for making policies and regulations. Third, policies required by the popular music ecology and industrial development are evaluated, outcome of which are merged with the results of this research to propose appropriate policies and regulations for Taiwan.
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