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Title: 公民與民主鞏固
Citizen's Value and Democratic Consolidation
Other Titles: 台灣、東亞與全球比較分析-公民的價值觀與民主鞏固
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學東亞學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本子研究計畫將比較分析公民的價值觀與其對民主鞏固的影響,並進而探討在民主化過程當中,除主要經濟與政治發展因素之外,不同時期的價值觀發展趨勢,是否會影響其民主鞏固的形成。 爰此,本子研究計畫將分析「世界價值觀資料庫」與「亞洲民主動態調查資料庫」的資料,探討不同國家其人民之價值觀如何影響民主鞏固。計畫全程將分為三年:首先,第一年的研究計畫以台灣政治社會為分析主體,透過世界價值觀資料庫與亞洲民主動態調查資料庫的運用,探討台灣民眾各項價值觀的形成與改變,是否對於台灣整體社會民主鞏固的發展有所影響。第二年將探討台灣與東亞各國在政治文化、民主制度發展與民主鞏固的變遷上,是否有顯著具體的變化,並且檢驗台灣與東亞民眾之基本價值觀,如何影響其政治態度以及對民主鞏固的看法。第二年以後所使用的資料,不僅包括過去已釋出之世界價值觀與亞洲民主動態調查的資料,更將新增亞洲民主動態調查資料庫擬於2012年上半年最新釋出的資料。最後,第三年將分析台灣與世界其他民主國家的經驗,探索政治文化、人民價值觀以及民主鞏固程度,如何與其他政治、社會、經濟因素產生作用並形成異同,進而將台灣經驗與世界各國做對話與比較,以達成詮釋台灣社會發展經驗之特色、建構本土社會科學理論、挑戰西方既有理論、以及解決本土社會問題的目的。
This proposal aims to compare citizen’s value and the impact of citizen’s value on democratic consolidation, and to further discuss whether the development trend of values in various periods during the process of democratization affects the democratic consolidation, besides primary economic and political development factors. Therefore, this proposal will use the data from the databases of World Values Survey and Asian Barometer Survey to analyze how different values from different countries affect democratic consolidation. The entire project will last for three years: The first year aims at Taiwan and to study whether the formation and change of Taiwanese values affect Taiwan’s democratic consolidation, using the data from the databases of World Values Survey and Asian Barometer Survey. Starting from the second year, this proposal will use not only previously released data from the World Values and Asian Barometer Survey databases, but also new data of the Asian Barometer Survey scheduled to be released in the first half year of 2012. The third year aims to analyze the democratic experience of Taiwan and other countries to discover how political culture, people values and levels of democratic consolidation interact with other political, social, and economic factors to generate the similarities or differences. These efforts are made to further compare Taiwan experience to other countries in order to explain the characteristics of experience in Taiwan social development and to further construct theories based on local experience to challenge existing western theories to solve problems in local societies.
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