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Title: 國中學生之動物保護態度及其影響因素研究
Other Titles: A Study on Junior High School Attitude to Animal Protection and Influencing Factors
Authors: 任孟淵
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 對待動物的知識、態度可能將影響對待動物的行為,臺灣推動行物保護法以來,未有對於整體的動物保護態度做基礎的調查。本研究選擇320位南北及城鄉的國中生進行動物保護態度,和其相關的變項「動物知識」「 動物知覺」「 接近動物意向」 的調查。並了解學生的性別、居住地(南北、城鄉)、與動物的經驗(飼養動物、飲食)是否影響他們的動物保護態度及其相關變項。研究結果發現,學生在動物保護態度和「接近動物意願」、「動物知覺」各大題之總分均在3.5左右,均有一定之水準。「動物知識」平均答對率為74% 。學生的城鄉差異,對於學生動物保護態度和其相關變項影響大。學生的飼養動物經驗及飲食葷素,與動物的保護態度有關。
People's knowledge about animals and attitudes toward animal protection willinfluence their treatment about animals. Since animal protection law promotion,there is no survey on general animal protection attitudes. The research selected 320 junior high school students in urban and rural areas of northern and southernTaiwan to answer questionnaire about animal protection attitude and the correlative variables, including knowledge about animals, perception of animals, and willingness to interact with animals. Researchers analyzed the difference of student's gender, living area, raising animals and eating habit will influence theattitudes and the correlative variables. The results show 74% students gave right answers in the knowledge dimension; meanwhile students' scores of attitudestoward animal issues, willingness to interact with animal and perception of animals are near 3.5. It means students have good performance in these parts. Students in rural or urban areas showed significant difference in animal protection attitudes and the correlative factors. Students' raising experience and eating habit influence their attitudes.
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