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Title: 高等技職學校烘焙管理領域學生所需專業能力之探討
Other Titles: Professional Competencies of Advanced Vocational College Students on Baking-Related Field
Authors: 黃坤祥
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 我國技職教育之發展一向與國內產業發展息息相關,為了配合我國烘焙產業的未來發展及提昇烘焙從業人員素質。本研究目的旨在確認我國高等烘焙管理技職教育學生應具備的專業能力項目及探討各項專業能力項目之「現在重要性」及「未來需求」程度以作為課程規劃之參考。本文發現高等烘焙技職教育學生應具備的專業能力前五項,在「知識構面」為採購與成本控制、經營管理、食品營養及衛生知識、職場衛生與安全知識、市場行銷等五項。「技能構面」為產品製作能力、產品研發能力、產品品管能力、產品評鑑能力、產品分析能力。及「態度構面」為責任感、恆心與毅力、團隊精神、主動積極、抗壓性等五項。本研究統計分析結果,提出烘焙技職教育專業能力之相關課程設計與規劃建議,在「知識構面」為管理學、店面經營、人力資源管理、採購與成本控制、烘焙概論、財務管理、行銷學等。在「技能構面」為相關烘焙實作課程、產品研發專題製作、烘焙產品研究開發、官能品評、藝術美學、食品檢驗分析等。在「態度構面」為企業倫理、人際關係、餐旅講座以及利用校內外實習課程及社團活動。根據結論,並分別對業界及後續研究提出相關改進之建議。
The purpose of this study was to determine the "Required Professional Competences (RPCs)" of technology and vocational college students who studied on "Baking-Related" major. The "importance in nowadays" and "level of future requirements" of all RPCs were also studied. The questionnaire was developed through the literature review, and professionals' interviews. The results of this study indicated that RPCs items were determined in this study and they were assigned into "Knowledge" , "Skill" , and "Attitude" constructs. Regardless of "importance in nowadays" or "level of future requirements" , the knowledge of "purchasing and cost controls" , "operation management", "food nutrition and industrial sanitation & safety" and "marketing" were the top five importance issues of "Knowledge" construct; the "production" , "products development" , "products quality control" , "products appreciation" , and "products analysis" were the top five importance issues of "Skill" construct; and in the "Attitude" construct, the "responsibility" , "stability and stamina" , "team work" , "ambition" , and "ability of pressure resistance" were the top five importance issues.Based on the results drawn from this research, speak more specifically, the courses such as management, shop operation, manpower resources management, purchasing and cost control, financial management, marketing of "Knowledge" section; baking practicing course, product research and development, sensory evaluation, art aesthetic, food analysis of "Skill" section; business ethics, interpersonal relationship, seminar, internship of "Attitude" section were suggested to the school and education related units as reference to revise curriculum standard in the future.
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