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Title: 私立技術校院進修部學生選校意向影響因素及其對招生的啟示
Other Titles: The Affecting Factors of School Selection Intention of Continue Education Division Students of Private Higher Vocational and Technology College and It's Inspired in Enrolling New Students
Authors: 辜輝趂
Huei-Zhen Gu
Dar-Chin Rau
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究採立意取樣,選擇兩所私立技術校院進修部四技新生為對象,以探索性因素分析,探討學生選校意向影響因素,進而討論私校進修部招生之對策。研究發現,學校辦學的積極作為、招生廣告、通勤與校園生活之便利性、同儕與師長、招生宣導活動、網際網路應用、校內停車便利性、及家人等因素影響學生選校意向。建議之招生對策為:1.改革課程及教學評量方式並鬆綁轉系學則,協助適應不佳學生適性發展,以符學生年輕化趨勢、2.積極提供財務協助方案,以吸引學生、3.用心經營入口網站以發揮招生宣傳效果、4.與高職合作辦理活動,強化與高職師生之互動、5.提供充足機車停車位以滿足學生泊車需求、6.注重形象包裝行銷,並透過招生廣告增強學生選校意願、7.訓練招生宣導人員以使能為招生加分。
This research use purposive sampling, targeted at the freshmen of four years continue program of two private Higher Vocational and Technology College (H.V.T.C.), and using explore factor analysis method to explore the affecting factors of school selection intention in order to discuss the enrollment new students strategy of continue program of H.V.T.C.. The study found that the aggressive management activities, the advertisements, the commuting and the convenience of campus life, the peers and teachers, the recruiting events, the internet usage, the convenience of campus parking, and the family are affecting the school selection intention of students. The proposed strategies as following: 1. to reform the curriculums, and improve the learning assessment method of continue program, and ease up the rules of switch department to help student's adaptive development for those who were not adapt well in order to meet student's younger trend. 2. Offering financial aids to students in order to attract them. 3. Working hard on the portal site design to play the affectivities of enrollment. 4. Holding activities with the Vocational High Schools (V.H.S.) and to strengthen the interaction with teachers and students of the V.H.S. 5. Offer of sufficient motorcycle parking lots to meet the parking needs of students. 6. Focus on the image packaging, marketing, and through the enrollment advertising to enhance the intention of choosing our school. Last of all, train the admissions advocacy staff to make the extra points of enrolling.
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