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Title: 高級職業學校品牌管理量表之發展
Other Titles: To Develop the Scales for Brand Management at Vocational High Schools
Authors: 黃義良
Issue Date: Aug-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在精進高級職業學校品牌管理的量表,量表你修改自APME 模式(現況分析、品牌企劃、品牌行銷與品牌權益) ,但部份的文獻與專家意見指出可將前二者合併而成為PME 模式;研究中兼顧教育服務提供者與服務使用者的觀點,採問卷調查法,以分層隨機叢集方式抽樣台灣地區公私立高級職業學校之教育人員、學生與家長等相關利益關係人共31校832人,有效回收548份,有效回收率為65.9%,經SEM考驗後發現各構面具有不錯之適配度,總題目由64題精簡為55題,各構面具有不錯之信效度,構面間也其有區辨效度,兩種模式中以PME模式通配度較佳,其效度複核情形也良好。路徑分析發現學校的品牌企劃影響品牌行銷,而品牌行銷又對品牌權益產生影響;受試者知覺各構面運作達良好程度,其中以品牌權益的運作情形最佳。
The purpose of this study is to refine scales for brand management at vocational high schools. The original scales were constructed based on APME mode (current status, brand projecting, brand marketing and brand equity). However, some of the literatures and expert opinions indicated that the first two parts could be combined to form PME mode. This study treated the viewpoints of educational service suppliers and users equally, and questionnaires were used. 832 related parties, including school staff, students and parents at 31 schools, were selected using stratified random cluster sampling from public and private vocational high schools in Taiwan. 548 were returned with valid responses, and hence yielded an effective return rate of 65.9%. After being tested by SEM mode, it is found that each dimensions show a good model fit. 64 questions were refined to 55, and there is discriminate validity among each dimension. Of the two modes, PME mode has better model fit, and good cross validation. After path analysis, it is found that brand projecting has an influence on brand marketing, and the latter has an impact on brand equity. How an interviewee perceives the operation of each dimension reaches an ideal level. Among them, the operating status of brandequity is the best.
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