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Title: 大都會施行電動公車研究
Other Titles: A Comparison of Implementing Electric Buses in Metropolises-Taipei and Kaohsiung
Authors: 李景峰
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的是在尋求最為適切的可行方案來改善台灣大都會地區的空氣污染狀況。過去數十年來,台北市和高雄市的空氣以及噪音污染隨著車輛的快速成長而日益惡化,以至於這些都會區的居民不僅要忍受尖峰時間裡的嚴重交通阻塞,還要生活在直接或間接危害健康的廢氣和噪音之中。有感於此,本研究在有限的資源和經費下,深入探究電動車之技術與施行的相關文獻,並採用電動車實施的評估模式來分析台北和高雄的可行狀況;評估的資料則以多變項分析法,即通稱為MANOVA,做為統計測試工具,用以比較這兩大城市採行電動車的迫切性。研究結果顯示二者皆適用於以電動車來改善空氣污染和噪音污染;而高雄市尤為適於優先採行,主要乃因該市的公車在營運時所需的能源、里程和時間量上皆遠較台北市的所需為低。
The major purpose of this study is to find a feasible, optimal solution to improve the air quality of metropolises in Taiwan. Air pollution and noise in Taipei and Kaohsiung are getting worse and worse due to the great increase in the number of vehicles over the past few decades. Therefore, citizens of these metropolises are not only forced to put up with great traffic congestion during rush hours, but also to live with smog and noise that directly or indirectly influence their healthy; An evaluation model of electric vehicles (EVs) implementation was used to analyze the situations of Taipei and Kaohsiung and to review the literature related to EVs technology and feasibility. A multivariate analysis of variance, commonly known as MANOVA, was adopted as a statistical tool to test and compare whether both cities are suited to the introduction of electric buses given limited resources and budgets. The analysis indicated that it is feasible to introduce electric buses for both cities to improve air pollution and noise as indicated that it is feasible to introduce electric buses for both cities to improve air pollution and noise as well, and Kaohsiung is better suited to introduction of electric buses than Taipei, because the energy, mileage and running time of each bus needed in Kaohsiung is much less than those in Taipei.
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