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Title: 技專校院課程認證之研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Curricular Accreditation for the Technological Universities and Colleges: A Case Study on the Electronic Engineering Program
Authors: 饒達欽
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 為使我國工程教育領域與技專校院所培育的人才具有國際間認可的能力,並能與世界接軌,本研究主要之目的旨在: 1.探討國際間工程教育認證制度與實施的現況;2.瞭解電子工程產(企)業主管與學校電子工程系專業老師對技專校院學生能力表現的意見;3.瞭解電子工程產(企)業對技專校院電子工程實施課程認證的意見;以及4.提出我國技專校院課程認證規範之建議。本研究首先透過文獻分析瞭解華盛頓協定主要簽約國家的課程認證概況;其次,以中華工程教育學會規範的認證指標中的八項學生能力為內涵,透過問卷調查與電子工程產(企)業訪談瞭解產業與學校電子工程系對技專校院學生能力表現的意見;最後並提出實施課程認證的具體建議。本研究主要結論如下:1.電子工程產(企)業界普遍認為技專校院的電子工程課程認證有其必要性的。 2.電子工程產(企)業界認為課程認證規範中電子工程系及科目的學習目標和評估機制,需能隨時反應業界的需求。 3.電子工程系學校教師普遍認為認證規範中所有的能力都很重要;電子工程產(企)業界則特別重視其中部分能力。綜合調查分析與訪談意見,本研究針對我國技專校院電子工程系實施課程認證提出下列建議:1.為符應企業界需求,學校應積極參與課程認證,並在課程規範中納入課程、教學與評量之標準。2.企業界應積極參與學校系科課程規劃,減少企業需求與學校培育目標間之落差。
In order to foster the students' skills and equip them with the international authorized competency in Taiwan' technological universities and colleges, the purpose of this study are following (1) exploring the international certification system for engineering education and its implementation; (2) understanding the skill gap of graduates between the requirement of industry and technological universities and colleges; (3) realizing the industries' opinion and suggestion about the accreditation for technological universities and colleges; and (4) proposing the implementing suggestion and strategy of accreditation for technological universities and colleges. This study takes the eight items about graduates' core competency in accreditation criteria from the regulations of IEET (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan) as the connotation of questionnaires developed, by way of random sampling survey and interviews it has collected the advises from industries and universities on the implementation of accreditation. Followings are the main conclusions:1. From the aspect of industry, generally, accreditation is necessary for technological universities and colleges.2. The industries also believe that the goal and evaluation mechanism which refer to respective program in the accreditation of criteria should be able to reflect their demands opportunely.3. From the aspect of universities and colleges teachers generally think that competencies in the criteria of accreditation are all of great importance; while the industries only pay great attention to certain items.In sum, concluded the survey results as well as interview opinions; this study puts forward suggestions on the implementation of accreditation following:1. For the sake of meeting industry demands, the schools should participate in the accreditation actively meanwhile, the agreed learning outcomes, instructional pedagogies and evaluation methods should be integrate into the curricular implementation.2. In order to
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