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Title: 技職校院學生樂觀認知、生涯阻礙及生涯不確定之關係:四種生涯選擇類型之比較
Other Titles: Optimistic Cognition, Career Barriers, and Career Indecision of Technological Students: The Comparison of Four Career Choice Types
Authors: 李介至
Jie-Zhi Lee
Shao-I Chiu
Yih-Yeong Lin
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的在考驗技職學生生涯不確定之相關因素,評估樂觀認知、內外生涯阻礙及生涯不確定等變項之關係,並考驗不同性別及生涯選擇類型在變項之差異性及關係變化。抽樣方法採叢集取樣抽取10所私立科技大學/技術學院共467名四年級之商管學院應屆畢業生,研究工具包含樂觀認知量表、生涯阻礙量表及生涯不確定量表,並採徑路分析及差異考驗進行統計分析。研究結果顯示模型具有整體適配度,樂觀認知、內外生涯阻礙及生涯不確定等變項具有顯著關聯;差異考驗顯示男性或女性學生在生涯阻礙並無差異,但女性學生具有較高之樂觀認知及較低之生涯不確定;不同生涯選擇類型在樂觀認知、內外生涯阻礙及生涯不確定均達顯著差異,穩定型及循規型會比多元嘗試型及不穩定型具有更明確之生涯或職業選擇,至於生涯阻礙對生涯不確定之作用會因生涯選擇類型而有不同之徑路效果,本研究並根據結果提出建議。
This study examined the correlation of optimistic cognitivation, internal/external barriers, and career indecision of technological students. Participants of the study consisted of 467 senior undergraduates were sampled from 10 technological universities, and the instruments included optimistic cognitivation scale, career barriers scale, and career indecision scale. The findings indicated that the estimated model fitted the observed data. The optimistic cognitivation was influential in determining the perception of internal and external barriers, and career barriers were found to increase career indecision stasictically. It also demonstrated the statistical differences of gender in optimistic cognitivation and career indecision instead of career barriers. Overall differences between the four types of career choice in optimistic cognitivation, career barriers, and career indecision were significant, and four career choice models revealed different path effects. Implications for theory, practice and research are discussed.
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