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Title: 當代自由主義社會公民德行之研究
Other Titles: Research of Civic Virtues of Contemporary Liberal Society
Authors: 王意茹
Issue Date: Jul-1998
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究當代自由主義者之公民德行主張,及其在公民德行教育上的意義與啟示。本研究採歷史分析法及理論分析法,主要的研究結果歸納如下:(一) 當代自由主義學者,為解決古典自由主義的爭議,將其主張限定在公共領域,即「政治自由主義」。 (二) 自由主義的公民資格,強調公民在公共領域的平等地位, 是一種普遍性的概念,並相信人具有理性,及最低限度的道德能力。(三) 自由主義的公民德行,依其是否基於「重疊共識」為基礎,劃分為核心德行與次要德行。(四) 自由主義的核心德行,是建立在「重疊共識」之上,是自由社會中的每一成員都需具備的德行。(五) 當每一個成員都具備核心德行與次要德行,可使自由主義的社會達到繁榮富庶。(六) 自由主義者相信,德行的培養要透過教育系統。自由主義的公民教育主張國家可對公民教育進行一部分的介入,即限於核心德行的培養。(七) 公民德行的教育,有三個原則,分別是:有層次的,非壓迫的,非歧視的。(八) 透過自由主義公民德行的培養,將有助於當代自由民主社會之繁盛;而自由主義的公民德行,也可與當代的民主政治相契合。
The aims of this paper were to explore the civic virtues of contemporary liberalism and the meanings on civic education. This paper approaches the issues by historian research and theoretical analysis. The conclusions of this paper are as follows. (1) In order to resolve the dispute of classical liberalism being a comprehensive doctrine, contemporary liberal focuses their theory on the domain of political and called “political liberalism.” (2) Liberal citizenship stressed the general concept of equality of citizen in public sphere. They believed people were rational and have the minimal moral powers. (3) Liberal virtues are divided into two parts. Liberal core virtues and liberal secondary virtues. The former is based on overlapping consensus and later is not. Liberal core virtues includes concept of justice, toleration, reasonableness, equal respect and law abidingness. (4) Liberal core virtues based on overlapping consensus, are necessary virtues in a liberal society. (5) Every member in a society with liberal core and secondary virtues supports an ideal of human flourishing. (6) Cultivating virtues depends on education systems. The system of liberal civic education believes that state authority over education is necessary for cultivating liberal core virtues. (7)Three principles of civic virtue education are: gradation non repression non discriminatory. (8) To cultivate liberal civic virtues will enhance the social flourishing while matching contemporary democratic politics.
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