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Title: 理想公民資質之探討
Other Titles: A Study of Ideal Citizenship: The Case of Taiwan
Authors: 張秀雄
Issue Date: Jul-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 公民資質的良窳乃攸關民主制度穩固的關鍵,尤其臺灣地區正值邁向民主社會之際,其公民尚存自由開放但自律不足、爭取權益但過於功利、追求民主但法治不彰、享受富裕但卻缺乏禮節、多元尊重但認同分歧、價值多元卻流於真空、民間力量興起但易過熱等特點,故形塑當代社會的理想公民資質,並進而建構公民社會實乃重要課題。基此,本研究乃以臺灣地區為對象,藉理論探討、焦點座談及德懷術等研究方法,探討並建構理想的公民資質,在理想公民特質方面,共計三十三項,分為「人與己」、「人與人」、「人與社會」、「人與國家」、「人與世界」及「人與生態」等六個主軸;在公民資質內涵方面,乃以「公民知識」、「公民德行」及「公民參與能力」三者為其重要層面。此套理想公民資質的特色分別呈現了多重角色的公民特質、認知情感行動兼顧的公民內涵、普世價值與儒家價值並融的公民資質觀、一般與專業公民德行兼重的公民資質觀、本土觀與世界觀兼具的公民資質觀,以及意識型態淡化與多元民主的公民資質觀。關於理想公民特質的建構,可作為公民教育目標訂定的參考,而理想公民資質內涵的建構,亦可作為公民教育內容的依據,故願藉此成為臺灣地區邁向成熟公民社會願景的努力標竿。
Citzenship is the basis for democratic system, particulary in Taiwan. In the past decade, Taiwan has made great progress in establishing democratic system, however, it still hasn't created a healthy civil society. The purpose of this aritcle were to discern the substance and characteristics of ideal citizenship in the case of Taiwan through literature review, focus symposium and Delphi technique. The results of this paper were as follows: 1. Ideal citizenship should integrate the principles of liberalism, republicanism, communitarianism, and multiculturalism. 2. Ideal citizenship encompasses many facets, including a person's relationships to himself/herself, to others, to society, to the state, to the world, and to ecology. In other words, Taiwan's model citizens are self-disciplined, social aware, having rights and obligations to society, the nation and the world, and as well as being ecologically minded. 3. Ideal citizenship includes civic knowledge, civic virtues and civic participation. Civic knowledge comprises politics, economics, law, sociology, culture and ethics... etc.. Civic virtues comprise justice, honesty, tolerance and caring... etc.. Civic participation comprises communication, reflective thinking, cooperation with others and charity etc.. Finally, the examination the perspective of ideal citizenship reveals a citizen that is cognitive, emotional and active; possessing traditional Confucian virtues and universal values; both for general and professional life with a local as well as global viewpoints.
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