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Title: 國中公民與道德科教師之德行觀點及其教學分析
Other Titles: The Points of View of "Virtue" and "Teaching Standard" of Teachers in the Junior High Schools
Authors: 陳淑美
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解國中公民與道德科教師之德行觀點與教學現況,並透過文獻分析法、問卷調查法與訪談法,達成研究目的。 本研究結論為: 一、德行是一種氣質、內心的修養,並在生活中透過習慣的養成而達成道德行為,而且人們應在理性的引領之下,營造一種生活環境以便實踐德行而獲得幸福的生活。 二、品德教育的構成,包含道德認知、道德情感與道德實踐。 三、國中「公民與道德」科課程標準中德行的制訂乃專家共識而得。 四、國中教師認為品德教育實施重點,以「培養自我認知」最為重要。 五、國中教師認為品德教育的成效尚可。 六、多數教師認為社會環境是影響品德教育實施的最主要原因。 七、教師們對於德目的重要性排序,以「守法」最為重要。 八、多數教師認為德行具有其重要性,且對於德行的觀點不因個人因素而有所差異。 九、多數教師在課堂中有進行德行的教學,且對於德行的教學不因個人因素而有所差異。 十、多數教師均回答有教授學生德行,唯教學方法仍停留於的講述法。
This study is to realize the points of view of virtue and teaching of "Civic and Moral Education" Course in the junior high school. I concentrate on 3 points to analyze: To search the virtue meanings, virtue ethics, the structure and fulfillment of character education with the documents analysis method, to study the standard course contents primary school and junior high school. With questionaire method, to investigate the teachers of “Civic and Moral Education” Course in Taipei City, total are 204PCS and 151 PCS are available. To interview the committee members of “Civic and Moral Education” standard course revised vision, textbook editor committee, the assistant team work group of “Civic and Moral Education” course and “Civic and Moral Education” Course teachers, total are 9 teachers. Based on the balance of quality and quantity, the harmony of theory and practice, to make a decision of promoting the character education goal. This study listed conclusion below: Virtue is a disposition and a sense of morality. We have the morality behavior through the habit cultivate. To bring a reasonable life, and manage virtue environmentals to bring a virtue life. Character education contains Moral Knowing, Moral Feeling and Moral Action. Experts have the common recognition that the virtue standard level in the “Civic and Moral Education” course. Teachers of “Civic and Moral Education” course think that to culture the identification recognition ability. The Teachers of this course think the effects of character education is regular general. Most teachers have the impression that the social environmentals plays an important roll in the fulfillment of character education. The methodical order list of virtues of the teachers' opinion is “observe law” the most important. Virtue is important, it will not be changed, as the result of personal affects. The virtue teaching in the course, the personal reasons can not be influenced on the virtue teaching course. Most teach
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