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Title: 青少年偏差行為的家庭因素之分析研究
Other Titles: A Study to Errors and Deviations of Young People on the Reason of Families
Authors: 林青瑩
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract:      本研究旨在分析青少年偏差行為之類型,並探究形成青少年偏差行為之家庭因素。為達研究目的,本研究採晤談法進行調查研究,選取台北縣立福和國中與台北市立木柵國中兩校十九名一至三年級學生為研究對象。  經文獻探討,本研究將青少年偏差行為類型歸納為八類型:青少年偏差行為類型:(一) 藥物濫用行為;(二) 不良娛樂方式行為;(三) 性問題行為;(四) 逃避學校與違犯校規行為;(五) 反抗權威行為;(六) 逃家行為;(七) 攻擊行為;(八) 偷竊與搶奪行為。  本研究經分析研究獲致形成青少年偏差行為之家庭因素有:(一) 家庭結構不完整;(二) 家庭社經地位偏低;(三) 家庭氣氛低靡;(四) 親子溝通管道不良;(五) 親子共同休閒活動貧乏;(六) 父母身教功能不彰;(七) 父母採取權威型管教態度;(八) 父母不重視子女的隱私權。  根據結論,本研究提出下列建議:一、對家庭教育之建議:(一)?父母親應維持家庭結構之完整性;(二) 加強家庭文化;(三) 積極營造和諧家庭氣氛;(四) 父母親應注重雙向溝通;(五) 建立親子共同的休閒活動;(六) 父母親應注重身教;(七) 作子女的朋友;(八) 保留子女的隱私權。二、對親職教育之建議:(一) 培養父母親職之知識能力--由教育單位規畫親職教育;(二) 加重父母的責任感--由法律制訂親職教育之推展。三、對後續研究之建議:(一) 擴大樣本;(二) 對高危險群學生進行研究;(三) 重視質化的研究;(四) 作長期延續訪談研究。
This research has the important goal to realize the errors and deviations of young people causes to family problems. I take total 19 students from Fu-Ho Junior High School in Taipei County, and Mu-Cha Junior High School in Taipei City who are one grade to three grade. I make interviews with them and realize different conditions. I find out some typicals as follows:1.The typicals errors and deviations of young students:(1)Take drugs (2)Bad amusements (3)Sex problems (4)Full around and violate school rules (5)Anti-Authority (6)Truant from family (7)Attacks (8)Thieves and Robberies.2.The family problems cause errors and deviations of young students:(1)Incomplete family structure (2)The poor social and economical situation of Family (3)Cold family atmosphere (4)Communication channels shorted (5)Ignore of Parents Behavior Education. (6)Parents has authorities to children. (7)Parents ignored of children private rights.I suggest some constructions as follows:1.The suggestions for Family Education (1)Parents can maintain a family structure completely. (2)To develop a family culture (3)To manage a harmony family atmosphere (4)Communications in two-ways. (5)To establish parents and children some activities mutually. (6)To stress parents behavior education. (7) Make a friends with children. (8) To respect children private rights.2.To proposition of the Parents Education(1)To educate the parents pursuits knowledge–to organize a parents education plan by education authorities.(2)To raise parents responsibilities–to develop the parents education by law.3.The other suggestions:(1)To enlarge the studying range. (2)To research some special cases intensively. (3)To emphasize quality study orientiation. (4)To follow some studying examples in a long term period.
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