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Title: 臺灣北部三縣市八年級學生社會學習領域課堂討論經驗與影響因素之調查研究
Other Titles: Eight-Grade Students' Experiences of Classroom Discussions and the Influences on Their Participation: A Survey of Social Studies Learning Area in Taipei City, Taipei County, and Taoyuan County
Authors: 董秀蘭
Issue Date: Sep-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 公民參與高品質的公共對話來解決社會問題,是健全公民主社會的重要表徵。因此,以培育良好公民資質為主要核心的社會學習領域,應致力於發展學生參與公共事務討論的能力;討論教學法即是培養上種能力的有效途徑。 關於討論教學法的研究,國外已有相當多的實證文獻;但國內除了少數介紹討論教學法的文獻外,對於此種教學法在課堂上的應用情形,特別是學生對此種教學法的觀點與參與課堂討論的實際經驗等,少有實證性的研究。緣此,本研究以臺北市、臺北縣和桃園縣三縣市國中階段社會學習領域的學生為對象,以問卷調查法實際了解我國社會領域課堂實施討論教學的情形,以及學生對教師實施討論式教學的評價和影響學生參與討論的因素等問題。 研究結果發現:臺北市、臺北縣、桃園縣的學生對社會學習領域討堂討論持正向肯定的態度,但對於自己的意見和參與的價值,則有信心不足的傾向;三縣市的學生對社會學習領域教師引導課堂討論之評價,傾向於正面肯定;考試和成績因素、對討論的主題有興趣或缺乏興趣、同儕的評價、老師不客觀或愛批評學生和科目別,對學生是否參與討論具有關鍵的影響;社會學習領域三科中,公民科課堂討論的頻率最高,地理科其次,歷史科最低;社會領域課堂中曾經討論的議題中,百分比最高的五項議題分別為「環境保護」、「升學制度」、「全民健保」、「政黨之爭」和「家暴問題」。
Healthy democracies have many citizens engaged in high-quality public discourse of common problems. Discussion about public problems is positively linked to what citizens learn from one another and to the solution of important issues. Thus, it has been argued by many educators and scholars that the most important component of effective democratic citizenship preparation involves teaching students show to deliberate about the nature of the common good. That is, school curricula need to emphasize civic discourse, particularly face-to-face discussion. There are numerous empirical studies regarding teaching with discussion in social classrooms. However, none of them were done in Taiwan. Questions about how teachers apply discussion method in their classrooms and what experiences students have in terms of classroom discussion remain unknown. Thus, this study aims to answer the above-mentioned questions targeting on social studies classrooms and students. This study employed quantitative survey to inquire the reality of teaching with discussion in social studies classrooms in Taipei City, Taipei Count and Taoyuan County. Results generated from this stud indicate that students generally hold positive attitudes toward classroom discussions, and that the most influential factor in students' participation in classroom discussion is the pressure of examinations and grades, while teachers' gender is the least influential factor. In sum, students in the three surveyed city/counties share significantly similar experiences in classroom discussions.
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