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Title: 從教師教學信念與決定談教學實施與效能
Authors: 林進材
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract:      教學是一種師生雙向互動的過程,是結合科學與藝術的活動。教學同時受到各種內外在情境因素的影響,教師在教學歷程中本身的教學信念與決定,在教學中的角色、教學歷程中要項的掌握等,對教師的教學與效能,具有決定性的關鍵作用。本文從教師一般教學模式、教師在教學中的角色、教學信念與決定、教學歷程中的要項等,探討教學活動的實施與教學效能問題,提供教學理論與相關文獻,作為教師教學過程中的參考,以提升教師的教學成效與教學品質。
     Teaching is an interactive process between teachers and students. It is also an activity which embodies scientific and art characteristics. When the nature of teaching is can vassed, one principle can be decoded that both inside and outside factors play profound influence equally. The level of teaching effectiveness is usually determined by the interplay among teaching belief, decision-making, role and process. In order to develop a systematical theory of teaching, the study intends to explore the implementation of teaching and some questions of teaching effectiveness through analyzing some key elements, including the general teaching model, teacher role of teaching, teaching belief and decision-making, teaching process, etc. Hopefully, our findings would be also important in terms of improving teaching effectiveness and quality.
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