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Title: 從知識移轉觀點看實習教師的教學知能發展
Other Titles: To See a Student Teacher's Development of Teaching Knowledge and Ability from a Knowledge Transfer Perspective
Authors: 林凱胤
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本文從Nonaka等人所提出知識移轉機制,包括社會化、外化、結合化及內化等,以內容分析方式來闡釋一位實習教師( '1、靜)教學知能發展的歷程,結果發現:在社會化(內隱翊識轉內隱知識)階段,小靜老師在觀摩輔導教師的教學後,會反思自己的教學,找出自己需要加強的部份,並會模仿輔導教師的教學,達到內隱知識間的移轉;在外化(內隱知識轉外顯翊識)階段,小靜老師經由試教與對話,並從嘗試錯誤及參考輔導教師的建議中修正教學第峙,將內隱知識外顯化;在結合化(外顯知識轉外顯知識)階段,小靜老師以教材分析及課文編擬的方式整合外顯知識,並嘗試整合各項資源及教學方法於教學之中,達到外顯翊識間的移轉;在內化(外顯知識轉內隱知識)階段,小靜老師積極參與師資培育機構所提供的各項輔導措施,以做中學的方式,將所習得的知識內化。
This study was based on the knowledge transfer mechanism proposed by Nonaka and Takeuchi (1995) which includes socialization, externalization, combination and internalization. A student teacher's (Xiao-jing) teaching knowledge and ability development was analyzed. There were four main findings. First, Socialization Stage (implicit knowledge to implicit knowledge): Xiao-jing reflected on her own teaching after observed her mentor teacher's teaching. She would then find out parts needed to be strengthened and imitate her mentor teacher's teaching to complete the transfers between implicit knowledge. Second,Externalization Stage (implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge): through teaching trials, talks, mistake making and suggestions she tried to resolve her teaching strategies for transferring implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge. Third, Combination Stage (explicit knowledge to explicit knowledge): she integrated explicit knowledge by analyzing teaching materials and editing teaching text. She also tried to apply various resources and teaching methods to her teaching for the transfers between implicit knowledge. Finally, Internalization Stage (explicit knowledge to implicit knowledge): she actively attended to all kinds of training programs offered by the teacher training institution for internalizing her learned knowledge through learning by doing.
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