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Title: 台灣北部某技術學院大一男性體型意識及相關行為研究
Other Titles: Body Image and Related Behaviors among Male Freshmen at aTechnology College in Northern Taiwan
Authors: 李靜芳
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究目的為描述男性大一新生的體型意識,並探討自尊、社會人口學因素與體型意識的關係,及體型意識對飲食異常行為與過度運動行為的影響。本研究採調查法,以Rosenberg 的自尊量表、飲食態度量表(Eating Attitude Test-26, EAT-26) 為工具。資料收集是在新生入學健檢時進行,徵求同意後,立即填寫問卷。共發出1034份問卷,回收881 位(85.2%) ,完整填寫問卷者共有771 位( 74.56%) 。研究對象實際體型與期望體型之差異分成三組,其中一致組有438位(56.8%) ,想增胖組者有71 位(9.2%) ,想變瘦組有262位(34%) 。使用卡方檢定、單因子變其數分析進行統計。研究結果發現: (一)年齡(χ² = 20.19, P < .001 )及學制(χ² =6.02, p < .05) 不同大一男生的體型意識有不同。(二)三組錯過運動會產生的負向情感狀況不同(F =4.07, P <.05) ,其中想變瘦組較一致組有較高的錯過運動會產生較想增胖組;一致組有較高的飲食異常。學校應特別關注想變瘦的大一男生,並予以早期介入。
This study aimed to describe body image and related self-esteem and demographicfactors among male college freshmen, and to explore the effect of body image oneating disorders and over-exercise behaviors. This study applied a survey design. Theparticipants were 771 male freshmen who filled out a structured questionnaire at acollege in northern Taiwan. The participants were divided into three groups based onthe discrepancy between actual and ideal BMI values. There were 438 (56.8%) studentswhose actual BMI equaled ideal BMI, 71 (9.2%) students in the want-to-gain-weightgroup, and 262 (34%) students in the want-to-lose-weight group. Data analyses wereperformed using the x² and one-way ANOVA. The study results showed that age andeducational systems were significant factors for body image among male freshmen. Thethree groups were different in the extent of negative emotion resulting from missingexercises and disordered eating behaviors. Post-hoc results showed that students inthe want-to-lose-weight group showed more negative emotion resulting from missingexercises and more disordered eating behaviors. The school intervention programshould pay special attention to those students who want to lose weight in order tointervene early
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