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Title: 高級中等學校校長領導方式與教師服務精神之關係
Other Titles: A Study of Relations Between Principals' Leadership Styles and Teachers' Morale in Senior High Schools
Authors: 邱文忠
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 一般論文及如何辦好教育時,總認為「師資」、「經費」及「設備」為首要條件。誠然,師資的良窳,經費的寬絀,設備的優劣,確為影響教育實施成效的重要因素。然而居於學校領導地位的校長,如何採取適當的領導方式,導引教師以提振高度的服務熱忱,進而有效地運用其經費及設備,以發揮教育應有的功能,達成教育預期目標,乃為吾人應予關切之要務。黃昆輝博士指出:「今後欲促進教育的進歩,除須從課程教材、教育方法、教學設備、學校行政等方面改進充實外,更重要的尤須加強發揮教師的教育愛,提振教師的教育熱忱,以充分激發教師的精神動力。」然而教師服務熱忱的提振、精神動力的激發,主要來自個人積極的心理導向與組織交互作用所產生之若干層面的心理態度,此種積極的心理態度,有賴於校長運用適用適切的領導方式予以激發。
The purpose of this study is to ascertain the relationship between the leadership behavior of senior high school principals and the morale of the teachers under their leadership. For this purpose, survey and analysis methods were used, and two questionnaires, entitled“Principals” Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire and“High School Teachers' Morale Description Questionnaire,” were distributed to 1,553 senior high schools all over Taiwan. After these questionnaires were collected, statistic method was used to ascertain the relationship between the principals' leadership styles and the teachers' morale in senior high schools in Taiwan.The findings are as follows: 1.The initiation behavior of senior high school principals varies with the nature of respective schools. The principals of vocational senior high schools get the highest scores, followed by the senior high schools which have vocational training departments. Ordinary senior high schools rank the third, and special─education schools get the lowest scores.2. Teaches of the ordinary high schools seem to have the highest morale, and those who teach in special─education schools have the lowest morale. Teachers' morale is also in proportion to the size of schools where they teach. The bigger the school in which the teacher teaches, the higher his morale will be. Further more, female teachers' morale is higher than male teachers'. 3. The leadership behavior of most senior high school principals is the“high initiating structure, high consideration” style, which far exceeds the“low initiating structure, low consideration” pattern.4. There is a positively close relationship between senior high school principals’ leadership behavior and teachers' morale.5. Senior high school principals' consideration behavior is the best predicator of teachers' morale.
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