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Title: 中韓兩國升大學重考生重考問題的比較分析
Other Titles: Comparative Study On College Reexaminer Problem in Republic Of China And Republic Of Korea
Authors: 金梁垣
Issue Date: Jun-1983
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 中華民國自民國四十三年〈1954年〉起實施大學聯合招生以來已有二十餘年的歷史。目前中華民國政府為鼓勵青年進修,對於大學聯合招考考試〈以下簡稱大學聯招〉的報考資格一再放寬。大學聯招一方面是求公正無私,節省精力,減輕負擔,增加錄取機會,另一方面則是解決各校獨立招生可能重複錄取和聲望較低學校新生入學缺額的困難。但大學聯招存在著種種問題。由於大學聯招以一次考試決定應考者一生之方向,加重了考生之心理壓力,結果使得補習風氣熾盛,考試領導教學。尤其嚴重者為大學聯招直接或間接促成了明星學校。使考生選校重於選系,使學校偏袒於優秀學生之教學。考生學習時也偏重記憶、忽視創造思考,更不關心考試科目以外的課業。因此大學聯招對學校教育正常化之不良影響頗大。
I. Introduction The purpose of this study is try to find out the problem of increasing number of reexaminer in school and in the society. For this reason, I am comparing two countries which are having similar education conditions. I hope this study will make up the deficiency in this respect. This study analyzes and compares the problem and make proposal for China─Korea authorities. In other words, this research has three purposes: 1.Analyze and compare college reexaminer number and its couse. 2.View point of reexaminer, parents(custodian) and high school teacher on this problem. 3.Making proposals on reexaminer problem for China─Korea education authorities. II. Literature Search Compare China─Korea's college entrance examination system; Analyze China─Korea reexamine statistic data; and compare the actual situation; discuss the couse. III. Research's design and practice This study analyzes the official statistic data made by China─Korea government to prove the problem. On the other hand, this study adopts questionnaire approach to find out how the reexaminer, their parents, and high school teacher look at the problem. The questionnaire targets are chosen from cramming school, five institutes are chosen in Korea, 100 targets from each institutes. Five cramming school are chosen in Taipei, 100 targets from each institute. When the targets are determined their parents become the patent sample. Twenty five teachers are selected from each high school and become teacher sample. IV. Research Result and Discussion In order to express the result easily, I compare the questionnaire targets in the same category—teexaminer, parents, teacher. Then I compare the questionnaire different category in the same country, trying to find out any difference in response. V. Research Conclusion and Proposals. The important findings are: 1.Reexaming reason. 2.People influencing reexaminer. 3.Factors affecting previous examination. 4.Choosing school and department. 5.Factors affecting student
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