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Title: Two Issues in Teacher Education
Other Titles: 兩個師範教育論題的平議與啟示
Authors: 單文經
Issue Date: Jun-1992
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在就美國近年來,兩個師範教育上的重要論題,以文獻概覽的方式加以整理,以尋繹其對我國師範教育的啟示。本文所討論的第一個問題,是有關教師專業執酬系統的窘境和改進的策略。美國教師專業報酬系統有五項窘境:(1)待遇差;(2)地位低;(3)昇遷機會少;(4)缺乏自主權;及(5)工作環境差。改進的策略,有:(1)提高待遇;(2)「依功績給付待遇」;(3)分工設事與生涯階層體制;(4)工作環境的改善;(5)增加招募教師的誘因。本文所討論的第二個問題,是師資培育學程應否延長問題。本文從(1)時間的久暫;(2)教師專業的形象和地位;(3)經濟和成本效益等三方面,歸納美國學界對這個問題贊成和反對的意見。本文的最徵一個部分,則分成兩節探討上述的分析,對我國師範教育的啟示。關於教師專業報酬系統的改善,本文提出的建議有:(1)提高師範校院學生公費待遇;(2)謹慎運用教師誘因策略;(3)改善教學工作環境等三項。必須從學程的結構、目標、教學內容及方法等方面作謹慎的調整。
The purpose of this paper is to identify two issues in teacher education that have been addressed. I will discuss a global sense how these issues and solutions relate to teacher education in Taiwan and to suggest some of the implications for educators in Taiwan. The targeted issues are:(a)ways of making the teaching profession more rewarding, and(b)whether the length of teacher preparation should be extended. The present reward system and the length of teacher preparation are emerging as controversial issues in Taiwan. The arguments for and against these issues that are being addressed in the United States will help Taiwan educators to reflect and clarify them. An assumption guiding the discussion is that by making the teaching profession more rewarding, it could be possible to recruit and retain high quality people in teaching. Another assumption is that a longer teacher preparation time does not necessarily mean better preparation. More effort should be expended on the teacher preparation program.
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