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Title: 暴力少年犯與非暴力少年犯人格特質比較
Other Titles: A Comparative Study of Personality Traits Between Violent and Non-violent Delinquents
Authors: 林正文
Issue Date: Jun-1981
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討不同變項交互影響下,暴力少年也與非暴力少年犯人格特質的差異情形。研究對象,是選自台灣南部地區在民63年至民國68年間,經法院判定之少年犯,其選取方式係以配對方法,控制家長教育程度,家長職業、案發年齡、案發時間及籍貫等五項因素,再分別以智之與體型;行為困擾與管教態度;教育程度與居住社等自變項,各區分為三水準,在暴力與非暴力兩組少年犯中各選九組,每組30人,合計540人。施以基氏人格測驗,而後採三元變異數分析比較兩組差異情形,結果發現:(一)暴力與非暴力兩組少年犯在抑鬱性、自卑感、活動性、領導性及思考外向性等五項人格特質上有顯著的差異,唯此種差異,並非單由犯罪類型因素所造成,而是有關因素互影響的結果。(二)暴力少年犯與非暴力少年犯之間,在具有差異的各項人格特質之影響因素中,以智力與教育程度兩因子具有較大較積極的影響力量。(三)暴力少年犯在人格特質上比非暴力少年犯具有較不良之思考外向性,做事較不能三思而行。(四)暴力與非暴力兩組少年犯在感情變易性、神經質、客觀性、協調性、攻擊性、社會外向性及安閒性等七項人格特質上,並無顯著的差異。
The purpose of this study was to examine the differences of personality traits between violent and non─violent delinquents under the interaction of variables. The hypotheses of the study were as follows:(1)There are differences between violent and non─violent delinquents in emotional stability, social adjustment, extroversion, introversion and reflection.(2)The differences of personality traits mentioned above can be caused by the variables, such as intelligence, body type, personal problems, parental attitudes, educational status, and community. The subjects for this study were the juvenile delinquents who ranged from 12 to 18 years old. All of them lived in the south of Taiwan, including Tainan County, Tainan City, Kaohsiung County, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, Penghu County. These delinquents were selected by controlling the following factors containing their parents' educational status, their parents' vocations, the date of their committing the crime, the age of their committing the crime, and their native places. Then they were divided into three levels according to the variables, including intelligence, body type, behavior disorder, parental attitude, educational status, and community. In the violent and the non─violent groups, there were nine subgroups of delinquents respectively. Each subgroup contained 30 persons, and 540 persons in total. The instruments of this study consisted of 2 tests and 2 questionnaires for recording basic information about these delinquents. There were“Gilford Personality Test” compiled by Lai Pao─chen,“ABC Nonverbal Intelligence Test” Compiled by Judicial Administration,“The Chinese Revision of the Money Problem Check List, From J”by Ho Fu─tien, and“Parental Attitudes Toward Child─Rearing Practices”by Lai Pao─chen. The results of the first test were used as dependent variable for this study, while the other test results and basic information were used to classify these delinquents. These tests were administered by specialists,
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