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Title: 論課程目標的建立
Other Titles: Determining Curriculum Ends
Authors: 黃政傑
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 課程文獻中,有關課程目標的討論,可謂府拾即是,而且課程目標是否應該採取行為目標的敘寫方式,課程目標的確立是否應為課程設計的第一歩,堪稱為近年來教育學者爭論的重要課題。雖然這方面的爭論尚未塵埃落定,但課程學者採用行為目標,並以目標發展來引導課程設計者,猶如過江之鯽,比比皆是。所謂課程設計的目標模式(objective model),合理模式(rational model),或是課程發展的教育工學(educational technology in curriculum development)強調的是目標掛帥的重要性,已成為目前課程設計或課程發展的主流,也發揮了相當大的作用。基於此,本文由課程發展的角度,剖析課程目標的重要性,探討課程目標的分類法,並且討論課程目標的來源、分析與敘寫。文中一方面歸納學者對於各個主題的主張,另方面則闡明各個主題有關的爭論點,期使課程目標的發展與運用不致誤入歧途。
The chief activity of education, as H. Taba has noticed, is to change individuals in some way:to add to the knowledge they possess, to enable them to perform skills, to develop certain understanding, insights, and appreciations. The statements of these desired ends are called aims, goals and objectives. The desired ends not only influence the very shape of the curriculum, but also provide direction and focus for the entire educational program. No other aspect of education has received more serious consideration and provoked as much heated controversy as has the topic of aims, goals, and objectives. This paper is to analyze these ends are derived, analyzed, categorized, selected and stated. During the analyses, various approaches, viewpoints and arguments are presented;they are also critically reviewed.
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