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Title: 國中學生及其家長、教師對學生行為困擾問題知覺差異之調查研究
Other Titles: Congruence of Student, Parent and Teacher Perceptions of Adolescent Adjustment Problems
Authors: 曾廣森
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 國中學生正值青少年期,是幼年過渡到成年期的重要年齡階段。身心各方面都存在著顯著的變化,智慧逐漸開展,生理益臻成熟,個體在此一新的發展階段,對自己、友伴、師長、父母的態度也有所改變、有新的要求、新的期望,因此建立新的抱負和新的行為標準。生理的急劇發展導致心理上的不平衡,一方面亟求擺脫成人束縛以追求獨立,另一方面卻又缺乏獨立能力以應付各種挑戰。在變遷的社會中,新舊交替,大家庭組織解體,功能式微,加上學校人口膨脹,嚴重的升學主義,給青少年學生極大的壓力,更由於價值觀的多變和衝突,常使親子間以及師生間關係疏離,如果此時家庭教育不得當,學校輔導不適切,則將形成許多挫折與困擾,甚而導致適應問題。固然每個人在成長發展的過程,都會遭遇不同程度之挫折與困擾,但非所有的挫折和困擾都會形成適應問題。在國民中學推展輔導與諮商歷程中,輔導教師們常發現國中學生許多行為發展上的問題常被有意無意的忽略,以致其抑鬱委曲未能獲得舒解,久之乃形成問題。本研究即在探討國中學生的行為困擾問題。
The purpose of this study was to investigate adolescent adjustment problems and perception differences among students, parents, and eighth─teachers of junior high schools. The sample consisted of 396 grade students in fifteen municipal junior high schools in Taichung, equal in both sex and class. The patents samples match with student, 268 teachers mere selected in this study. The total number is 1,060.The main method used in this study were literature review, questionnaire survey and comparative study, it also analyzes if sex, class, level of education, years in service, subject of teaching, parents occupation, economic status, affect their perception Money Problems Check List(MPCL), a Chinese revision, junior high school students form, were conducted for students only. Shortform of MPCL was designed for all samples. The data obtained were statistically treated by one way ANOVA, two way ANOVA, Spearman Rank Correlation, and Kandall Coefficient of Concordance.The main findings of the study were as follows:1. Female students always have more adjustment problems than the males. 2. Lower─class students have more adjustment problems than upper─class students, especially, the females have the most problems. 3. The area of adjustment problems, its rank order were in sequence:School(S),Self─centered concerns(SC),Money─Work─the Future(MWF),Relation to People in General(BG), Health and physical Development (HPD),Boy and Girl Relations(BG), Homes and Family(HF). 4. The most puzzling items were in sequence:troubled with English, not making the most of time to study, hearing great expectation from parents, too much worried about the pass through entrance examination of senior high school, eager to break off a bad habit, lack of the outdoor activities, being dishonest sometimes troubled with mathematics. 5. Since “School” area was considered by all samples as the most serious troubles, it indicates there exist many defects in junior high school education. 6. There are much remar
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