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Title: 學校行政歷程的不確定特質及其對學校行政對話的意涵
Other Titles: The Essence of Uncertainty in School Administrative Process and Its Implications for Dialogue
Authors: 黃宗顯
Issue Date: Mar-1996
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 學校行政雖有制度規章可循,但實際行政歷程卻充滿各式各樣不可預期的不確定狀況。本文先舉述學者有關學校組織的無政府現象、鬆散組合系統、渾沌理論、非意識領域、危機與環境變化管理等研究成果,闡明學校行政歷程具有的不確定特質。接著探討不確定性與行政對話的相互辯證關係。根據探討所得,再從「不確定受容性」、「協商強制性」及「因時因境調整需要性」三個向度,析述行政對話權變因應行政各種不確定性的策略意涵。作者提出一個對話因應行政不確定性的權變策略架構,包括科學性對話、創意性對話、協商性對話、契約性對話及反省/解構性對話五種不同策略,除說明其意義與適用時機外,亦列舉許多學校行政的實例,說明如何有效應用前述不同策略。
Various unpredictable uncertainties appear in school administrative process although it looks like that there are rules to be followed. Research findings such as school anarchy, loosely coupled system, chaos theory, organizational shadow and environmental turbulence that uncertainty is the essence in school administration. Since administrative dialogue can be regarded as the core action taken to cope with uncertain issues in schools, this article discusses not only the dialectic relationships between uncertainty and dialogues should be initiated for different uncertain issues. Based on the referent indicators of uncertainty tolerance, imperative of coordination, and necessity of continual adjustment, a contingent framework of dialogue, which includes five dialogical strategies—scientific, effectively deal with uncertainties in school administration. Also, examples have been used to illustrate how to appropriately apply the contingent framework.
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