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Title: 國民小學教育人員校際流動調查研究
Other Titles: Primary School Teachers Turnover Research
Authors: 姜禮讓
Issue Date: Jun-1985
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 教育為國勢消長之基礎,師資教育成敗之關鍵。近低先進國家莫不致力於教育事業的發展,而具有遠見的教育家亦每殷殷以師資為念。就教育的性質而言,教育是百年樹人之事業。任何教育措施無法在短期內先其功效,必須靠全體教育人員持久不斷的努力,始能獲致成果;教育同時也是精神與良心,發揮教育最大的功能,成為教育行政措施最重要的任務之一。就組織行為而言,近代研究組織理論的學者們體認到組織成員的觀念、態度、需求和生活方式,必然會影響到組織的行為。因此,如欲瞭解個人成在組織中的行為表現,則研究成員的流動率是非常重要而有趣的課題。學校是一個專業組織,教師是學校組織成員之一。教育既是百年樹人的長久大業,教育人事自應從瞭解教師需求著眼,致力與學校與教師之間權利和義務的平衡,使教師願意集中智慧,貫注心力於教育事業。因之,本研究針對教師流動有關問題加以探討,期望有助於瞭解我國國民小學教師當前的服務情狀,並藉機提出改善意見,以供教育行政當局參考。
Teachers turnover is a phenomenon common at home and abroad. It is also a complicated problem. Too high and too low a turnover rate will result in an adverse effect as well. Inter─school turnover is most common for primary school teachers. There has been an independent transfer and promotion system established by Taiwan Provincial Government for primary school teachers seeking for inter─school transfer, which is applicable to them all. However, the situation and advantages and disadvantages of such turnover are still to be understood. The research is aimed at probing into the actual turnover situation of the primary school teachers in Taiwan and the possible effects of such turnover. The research is conducted through investigation. Self─made questionnaires are distributed to principals, directors and teachers in all cities and counties of Taiwan totaling 834 persons. The responded copies are 675. Through statistic analysis, the following four conclusions are made:1.Teachers turnover may be divided into one within educational profession and one outside the scope;the turnover rate may be calculated in terms of average service length, rough turnover rate, steady rate and stay rate;the rate is correlated with the sex, age, service length, service district and school scale;and the cause includes government, social, school and personal factors. It is advisable to keep proper turnover rate. 2. The commuting mileage of the educational personnel of Taiwan primary schools is a potential factor for turnover;the turnover rate is higher in the case of male teachers;the main commuting vehicle is motorcycle;one─third of the teachers are servicing at local country;the most common way for transfer is made through volunteer;educational personnel have rather high satisfaction with the schools they now serve;the cause for transfer is mainly out of traffic reason. 3. Half of the primary school education personnel seeking for transfer are encountered with troubles of one kind or another;
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