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Title: 學校輔導教師督導員的專業發展:「美國學校輔導教師學會全國模式J 之介紹與啟發
Other Titles: The Professional Development of The Supervisors for School Counselors: The Introduction and Edification of “ASCA National Model."
Authors: 彭淑婷
Shu-Ting Peng
Wei-Su Hsu
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 督導是學校輔導專業發展中重要角色。藉由督導的回饋與評鑑~統,學校輔導教師得以捕獲得有效建議,並提昇專業勝任能力。然而,目前圍內學校輔導教師督導員的標準尚未完整、學校督導在統尚未健全,乃阻礙了提昇學校輔導工作成效的可能性。為突破此一現況,本文先說明建構學校輔導教師督導員體制的必要性。接著,引介美國輔導教師協會(American School Counselor Association, ASCA) 的'ASCA全國模式」內涵,說明學校輔導教師的角色功能與輔導職能,進而解釋其如何應用於督導員訓練。最後,對國內學校輔導教師督導員訓練提出相關建議,包括:優先建構符合學校獨特脈絡的健全督導體在;發展學校輔導教師督導員專業標準;結合角色實務,發展學校輔導教師督導員訓練方案率列內容;增進學校輔導教師擔任督導員的專業發展意識;運用師資堵育大學的資源提供等。
Supervision plays an important role in the professional development of school counseling. Through the feedback and evaluation system of supervision, school counselors can gain helpful suggestions and improve their professional competence. However, the qualifications of supervisors for school counselors have not been fully standardized and the supervisory system has not been well established, which hinder the possibilities of further improving the efficiency of school counseling. In order to surmount the existing state, this paper specifically focused on: (a) the necessity of constructing the system of supervision for school counselors; and (b) the content of“ACSA National Model" of American School Counselor Association (ACSA) about school counselors' role functions and professional competencies, and its applications to the trainings of supervisors. This paper also proposed five suggestions to the training program of supervisors for school counselors in Taiwan, including: (a) the top priority of constructing a sound supervision system according to the unique context of Taiwanese schools; (b) developing professional standards of supervisors for school counselors; (c) integrating role function and practical experience of school counselors into the training program of supervisors for school counselors. (d) increasing school counselors' awareness of becoming supervisors for school counselors in their career; and (e) utilizing the resources from educational universities.
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