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Title: 我國國中地理教材的主題和地理概念分類
Other Titles: The Main Theme of Subject Matter of Our Junior Middle School's Geography Curriculum and Classification System of Geographical Concepts
Authors: 陳國川
Issue Date: Mar-1991
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: Through the reflection and discussion of the problems such as the aims of education of junior middle school, objectives of geographical education of junior middle school, editing and compiling tradition of geography textbook of junior middle school, the contribution of geography curriculum to school education, and the development of regional geography in recent ten more years, this study finds that no matter from the point of academic development of geography, or the mission taken by geography curriculum in school education, the regional geography should be the main theme of subject matter of our junior middle school's geography curriculum. Secondly, in order to convert the structure of knowledge of geography smoothly to the structure of regional geography subjects and take off the condition that the same concepts upsurge repeatedly in different units and similar geographical facts show among the texts in the traditional regional geography textbooks, this study through the analysis of structural elements of geography knowledge and the review of the classifica-tion method of cognitive concepts have presented one geographical concept classification system which can not only maintain the completeness of geographical knowledge system, but also cope with the development of students' cognitive ability. By using this classification system a geographical educator is able to merge properly the most basic and most meaningful geographical concepts to the synthetic description of regional specificity (ex. modus vivendi) in order to make our junior middle schools' geographical education, through the learning of geographical concepts and the cognition of regional specificity, achieve the goal of our junior middle schools' education effectively.
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