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Title: 從都市叢林裡的新新人類談後現代的人地關係
Authors: 趙建雄
Issue Date: Oct-1995
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文自當代都會環境中的人與地現象,檢討地理學傳統中之「人地關係」所面臨的挑戰與問題。全文分為五段,除首段為緒論外,首先論及當代都會中的人—一種生活在人造環境中、遠離自然環境、心靈在虛擬真實中飄泊的人,在媒體包裝下的「新貴」假像裡,卻不乏在都市叢林中討生活的小市民悲歌。次段則自當代都會空間敘述都會人日常生活的空間—一種深具後現代性的“地 ”。當代都會空間所具有的多樣性,從“波霸式立地"到"賓館式空間”,凸顯出自然環境的無用之用。三段論及在科技發展下,處於當代都會空間中的人與地之關係。當代科技事實上已形成了異於往昔的“人與人”、“人與地”、“地與地”之關係。末段則在前面三段的基礎上反省傳統“人地傳統”在當代所面臨的問題。當周遭生活世界已改變時,我們要如何以更具包容性的架構來涵蓋新的事物。否則地理學者對其周遭生活世界的漠視,會成為地理學研究的最大致命傷。畢竟“地理學研究”是不能遺世獨立。
This paper argues that the challenge of geographical imaginations in contemporary cities and spaces is the shortcomings in the literature on the traditional human-environment relations. On the one hand, globalisation--which is partially a process of neocolonization by Western and Japanese economic power and of de-differentiation--introduces not only new forms of world interdependence but also new conflicts within urban everyday life. On the other hand, communication technologies have restructured new forms of urban spaces interdependence and new impacts. This has led to the failure of much traditional research to engage in a consideration of the nature of contemporary cities in their accounts of the postmodern condition. As a depiction of the major changes that have been taking place in cities during the last quarter of the twentieth century, the postmodern urbanization schema in the context of Taiwanese culture offers a fruitful framework for reconciling the interaction between urban place/space and "urbanized human being". The paper develops this concept; and it concludes by outlining the implications of postmodern perspectives and invocations for geographical issues of "contextuality" and "place perspective".
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