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Title: 「姚譯方校中國地圖學史」糾謬
Authors: 姜道章
Issue Date: May-1999
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文批評姚國水譯、方豪校「東方與西方的定量製圖學」,譯文載李約瑟著、陳立夫主譯的《中國之科學與文明》第六冊。該書最初在1975年出版,後來數次重印發行,二十多年來,沒有書評指出其謬誤。譯文錯誤極多,幾乎全章誤譯。顯然譯者沒有翻譯文章的能力,譯者不但不熟地圖學史,也沒有閱讀原文的能力,校者的情況也是一樣;翻譯徹底失敗。怎麼樣才能成為一位合格的學術著作翻譯人呢?本文作者認為學術著作的翻譯須要三個條件:第一,譯者要有紮實的外文能力,更確切的說,要具備有外文的閱讀能力,就姚譯方校「東方與西方的定量製圖學」來說,就是英文,讀者必須透徹看懂原著;第二,譯者要有紮實的中文能力,更確切的說,要具備有中文寫作的能力,能寫通順的中文;第三,譯者要有足夠的專業知識,就姚譯方校「東方與西方的定量製圖學」來說,就是地圖學史及中國地圖學史。
This is a critique of Dongfang yu xifang de dingliang zhitu xue, a Chinese translation of Chapter 22 "Geography and Cartography". Section d "Quantitative cartography in East and West" of Joseph Needham's Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 3 Mathematics and the Sciences of the Heavens and the Earth (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1959, pp. 525-590). It was translated by Guo-Shui Yao and the translation was corrected by Hao Fang. The translation was first published in 1975 and subsequently reprinted several times. Nearly a quarter of a century has passed, and no review of it has been in print. The translation contains many errors; almost the entire chapter is incorrectly translated. Apparently the translator did not have the facilities to accomplish the task. The translator is neither knowledgeable in the history of cartography nor does he grasp the English language. The same is true for the corrector. Hence, the translations is a total failure. Then, how does a person become a qualitfied translator of academic works? The present critic believes that there are three elements. First, a translator must have the facilities to read and understand the original language, in this case English. Second, the translator must be able to present the translation in the host language, in this case Chinese. Finally, the translator must know the subject, in this case, the history of cartography in general and history of Chinese cartography in particular.
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