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Title: 臺北盆地的降雨特性及與水文災害關係的研究(1)
Other Titles: The Rainfall Characteristics and Effects on the Hydrological Hazards in Taipei Basin(I): Concepts, Objects and Methods
Authors: 陳國彥
Issue Date: Mar-1990
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: With generous support of the National Science Concil, the phase-I study of the underlined research topic has been successfully executed (project No. NSC78-0202-M003-04). In the past year, the research group established a rainfall monitoring network with 21 continuous-recording stations. The sampling period is set to 10-minute and the rainfall data is automatically recorded onto an electronic device for further analysis. As the first report, this paper mainly introduces the domain of the research as: (1) The time-spatial variation of the rainfall in Taipei Basin, (2) The spatial representation of Taipei Meteological station, (3) The urban effects on the rainfall pattern in Taipei Basin, (4) By the water balance method of one heavy rainfall, to discuss the urban flood and inundation of the urbanized area in terms of rainfall intensity, Maximum runoff, surface detention inundation, etc. For increasing the rainfall resolution in the horizontal dimension and coverring a wide area encompassing the whole Taipei Basin and its outskirts, the research group will set up 20 additional rain guage stations. It is expected that through this integrated study with various inundation cases, some effective suggestions can be achieved for the improvement of the existing pumping/sewerage system and for better control of the urban flood runoff and inundation problems in Taipei Basin.
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