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Title: 邁向一個學習性的區域﹖臺北-新竹高科技走郎的廠商聚集與技術學習
Authors: 徐進鈺
Issue Date: Nov-1998
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 產業分工與整合的問題,始終是產業組織理論,以及相對應的企業地理學所關心的焦點。 隨著所謂新競爭( new competition )的形式成為一種支配性的競爭型態,反映了在 1980 年代以後產品需求的分殊化,以及產品週期的大幅縮短的現象,這使得以規模經濟取勝的大企業面臨彈性生產的挑戰。在這樣的歷史階段,經濟地理學者開始強調中小型廠商透過分工的方式,發揮靈活的優勢。新的產業組織方式則將重點放在外部經濟與範圍經濟( economy of scope ),生產過程中不同階段的廠商,透過專業分工的方式,組成生產網絡。而在地理的組織方式上,也由過去強調垂直整合而跨國或跨區域分散化的趨勢,轉而回頭來注意到許多這種由中小型企業所構成的垂直分工生產體系往往在空間上有進一步聚集的現象。本研究意圖透過以新竹科學工業園區的案例,來說明這種產業聚集的目地不僅在於傳統的聚集經濟所帶來外部經濟效果考量,更在於創造一個互動學習的廠商聚集,而因此形成的區域優勢,才是在快速變動的全球化經濟中,可以彈性調整組織、產品開發與製程改良的動態優勢。新竹科學園區中的半導體廠商彼此之間,以及與下游顧客之間,透過既有的社會網絡所搭建成的經濟交易網絡,以及因此形成的技術交流機會,使得在臺北 -- 新竹走廊之間,形成一個垂直分工體系的學習性區域。
The research aims to explore the relationship between industrialagglomeration and the constitution of collective learning among thehigh-technology firms in the Hsinchu-Taipei corridor in Taiwan. It argues thatthe vertically disintegrated industrial system in Taiwan's Integrated Circuit(IC) industry provides opportunities for mutual learning, besides economictransactions, between the different firms in the production process. At the sametime, the close interactions between the IC firms and their customers, as wellas equipment suppliers, enhance the flexible adjustment and technologicalinnovation for the industrial system. It is an advantage of collective learning,not confined to particular firms. Trust, incubated from the ex-colleague andclassmate relations, is asserted to save the transaction costs induced from theintensive interactions, and to render the sharing of product ideas and knowledgepossible. Meanwhile, geographical proximity makes face-to-face communication,which is essential to the interactive learning, easy. Finally, it concludes thatthe regional advantage is not based on the static agglomeration economies, buton the practice of dynamic collective learning. In the sense, geography mattersin the making of industrial advantage, not just a container of industrialactivities.
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