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Title: 陽明山南、北磺溪源流區坡地水土流失特性之探討
Authors: 韋煙灶
Issue Date: Mar-1994
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: The study area locates in a volcanic zone. The author collected data by field investigation, runoff and soil sampling, laboratory analysis and rainfall analysis in order to define the temporal and spatial significances of slope runoff and soil loss. The regionalized conclusion may be valuable as reference resources for planning facilities. Five points had been concluded as following:1.According to single rainfall analysis, initial rainfall loss is highly related to the days of continuous dry before raining. The situation of runoff shows a coincidence with the rainfall condition but not suspension nor dissolution. As rain had stopped, the time period of continuing runoff shows a positive correlation with the size of drainage areas.2.Subsurface runoff shows a higher coefficience with rainfall, and runoff/suspension/dissolution.3.The characteristices of runoff and soil loss seasonal and spatial pattern indicate that the rainfall erosivity index of the steeper northern slope is relatively index of the steeper northern slope is relatively higher than that of the southern slope of Chishin San.4.The research result also shows that rainfall erosivity index has a high correlation with surface runoff and soil loss. Only two out of twelve experiments had experienced in the form of surface runoff. The suspension/dissolution ratio (per unit runoff) in the forest plots is higher than that in the glass plots. 5.By synthesizing the patterns of climate, topography, soil and vegelationcovering and the characteristics of runoff/soil loss, the study areas are divided into five regions.①the low runoff loss and low soil loss regions. ②the moderate runoff loss and low soil loss regions.③the moderate runoff loss and moderate soil loss regions.④the high runoff loss and high soil loss regions. ⑤severe surface soil erosion regions.
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