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Title: 臺北盆地動態環境的綜合研究
Other Titles: A Synthetic Study on the Dynamic Environment of Taipei Basin
Authors: 石再添
Issue Date: Mar-1989
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: Taipei Metropolitan is the center of population, economics, transportation, settlement and politics in Taiwan and has an important position. There are many findings obtained from related studies including not only long-term observation and manifold ways of control, but also more than one hundred published reports. Yet, there is still a lack of synthetic studies and diagammatization. This study is a continuation to our research group's first year work: “A Synthetic Study on the Dynamic Environment of Taipei City”, and to match with the expansion proposal of Taipei Administrative District. In this way, the study area has been increased from Taipei City to Taipei Basin in our second year. This project expands the survey and study of environmental basis, environmental destruction and environmental improvement to establish a geographical information system data bank. Major points are chosen for illustration with diagrams. This result will provide reference for regional development and environmental conservation, and also an example for future research in whole Taiwan region.
Other Identifiers: 8C9393AA-9D91-117C-175B-EC9C0B6BA0BD
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