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Title: 衛星影像融入高中地理試題之探究
Other Titles: The Inquiry about Satellite Image Integrated into Test Question of Geography in Senior High School
Authors: 李明燕
Issue Date: Nov-2005
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 近年在資訊業與遙感技術的快速發展下,人們已經可以從網際網路下載衛星影像用於編輯教科書與試題設計,以提升學生瞭解一地空間特色的能力。本研究主要目的 是想瞭解衛星影像融入高中地理試題的可能性,研究的內容包括衛星影像試題的研擬與測試、高中師生意見的搜集。其中試題的研擬方向分為重要都市的俯視影像、 不同遙測方法的氣候圖與水溫圖,測試與問卷樣本為五校高二與高三的學生,教師問卷則來自許多學校。測試與問卷結果如下: 學生在未曾看過測試地區的衛星影像下的情況,約有42%的學生能透過昔日所學的知識正確指出四地的影像與機能。當影像分屬不同地區時,解析度與圖幅尺寸皆 相同時,僅少數學生能正確比對影像的比例尺大小;當影像皆為同一地區時,儘管種類不同,多數學生可正確比較比例尺的大小。對影像來源的判別,僅有少數學生 可以正確指出屬於遙測資料所繪的圖,而且多數學生認為衛星影像試題的難度主要關鍵是學習經驗。 多數教師贊成以衛星影像資料為命題的素材,符合現實環境的趨勢;少數不贊成以衛星影像資料為命題素材的教師,則認為黑白印刷效果不佳,或擔心學生不用上課 也可猜題,或認為教學資源取得不易,學生無法深入學習等。未來若要進行教衛星影圖像教學,教師認為需要的協助包括衛星影像的網站、數位投影機、電腦設備、 研習課程等。
Recently, the computer industries and remote sensing technologies are developed quickly. People already are allowed from Internet to download satellite images those will be utilized in textbook, test question and so on. The understanding ability of students' spatial concept maybe will be improved. The purposes of this study were included to exam the students' understanding ability of satellite images and question the opinion of teachers in senior high school. Its' processes were divided three steps. First, the researcher designed test paper with satellite images which included the overlooking image of important urban, the climate and the water temperature image with different kind of remote sensing technology. Second, it was tested and questioned by sample students whom were second and third grade of five senior high schools. Third, it was questioned by teachers who were invited from various schools. The result of test and questionnaire were follows: Before test, students never saw the satellic image. About distinguishing image and function between urban, approximately 42% students correct that depended on the knowledge which had been studied. About comparing scale between images, the correct possibility is same area higher than different area although type of the images. About origin of images, only few student could correctly point out which was belong to remote sensing data. The most students consider the difficulty of satellite image test to depend on learned experience. The most teachers agreed to design test question with the satellite image, because that could conform to tendency of the modern development; but few teacher who did not agree unless that could be printed with color, either worried students did not need to attend in class or guess in test, or to worry the images obtains not easily, students were unable thoroghly to study and so on. Future, if will carry on teaching the satellite images, the most of teachers will need assistance that include the w
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