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Title: 6-9年級學生的世界地理知識
Other Titles: The Knowledge of World Geography in the Sixth to Ninth Grade Students: Example of Taiwan National Geographic Championship
Authors: 李明燕
Issue Date: May-2007
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 「國家地理知識大競賽」是國內新興的另一種考試,其目的除培養國內學生世界地理知識的廣度,並甄拔參與國際競賽的選手,考試方式不再僅是靜態的紙筆測驗, 尚包涵動態的機智問答,賽事分為初賽、複賽、準決賽、總決賽四個階段,全程長達兩個月;測驗內容非常廣泛,舉凡地理相關的議題皆可入題,測驗範圍不限台 灣;且因競賽未依學齡分組,參賽者包括六年級至九年級的學生。本研究之目的主要是分析分析國家地理知識大競賽的試題特色,並探討了不同學習階段學生對世界 地理概念的學習成效。研究對象是2006 年11 月參與地理知識大競賽進入複賽的1081 位學生,準決賽的12 位學生與決賽的6 學生。測試結果發現隨著學齡增長,測驗成績有逐漸提高的趨勢;但各年級之間的最大差距,不是小學與國中之別,而是七年級與八年級學生,其因七年級的地理教 科書尚未跨出台灣,學生對世界其它區域的認識需自行閱讀課外讀物,即使是得獎者亦不例外;且學生對判斷方位、地圖的使用、簡圖的繪製等地理技能的應用能 力,普遍不足。
The domestic another kind of geography examination is Taiwan National Geographic Championship which goals are trained students’ knowledge of world geography, and select participant for international competition. Its’ method no longer is only written examination, still includes the dynamic quick-witted question and answer. The program divides into four stages which are the preliminary examination, the intermediary examination, the semi-final and final examination from individual school to all areas. The entire journey is two months. The examination content of every stage is extremely widespread from Taiwan to world. The participants are including the sixth grade to ninth grade students. The purpose of the research is analyzed the test question character of Taiwan National Geographic Championship, and discussed the students’ ability of different learning stage about the world geography concept. The sample students are the participants who are 1081 student of the intermediary examination, 12 students of the semi-final examination and 6 students of the finals examination in 2006. The result discovered the examination score has the tendency which gradually enhances along with the school grade. But between various grades biggest disparity, is not in the elementary school and the junior school, but is seven grades and eight grade students of junior school. The reason of symptom is the content of the seventh grade's geographic textbook only introduced Taiwan. If students wish to understand about the world, they must energetically read outside reading, even the winner is also. Another universal insufficient ability of the student was geographic skill that includes to judges the orient, use map, and sketch map.
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