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Title: 包籜箭竹筍野生採集與農業栽培活動的空間特性
Other Titles: The Spatial Characteristics of Gathering and Cultivating Activities of Usawa Cane (Arundinaria Usawai Hayata) Shoots
Authors: 黃玉容
Issue Date: May-1996
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: This article focuses on the spatial characteristics of the gathering and cultivating activities of Usawa cane (Arundinaria usawai Hayata) shoots. The study area includes Yangmingshan National Park and some districts around it. Collecting the information from historical writings, field work and questionnaire, some conclusive points are summarized as following.The association of Usawa cane distributes above the altitude of 600 meters in northern Taiwan. The neighboring farmers have gathered the shoots of Usawa cane being precious food for several generations. After Yangmingshan National Park established in 1985, the farmers should apply the gathering card in order to be allowed to do the gathering, because most of the association of Usawa cane shoots located inside the rang of Yangmingshan National Park. In genera, farmers are apt to choose the rational itineraries to gathering. However, they must make the optimum budget of time and space because the price of shoots is rather high, and allowing periods of gathering is limited within about 152 days a year.From more than 4 years ago, the farmers cultivated Usawa cane at the altitude of 400 to 100 meters successfully, so the planted areas increased quickly, especially around the north of Yangmingshan National Park. Though the farmers work extensively, they can get the shoots in their own fields. The local agricultural associations are trying to help them by promoting a proper cooperative selling system.
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