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Title: 德國巴伐利亞的地理教育
Other Titles: Bavarian Geography Education in Germany
Authors: 陳富美
Issue Date: Nov-1997
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 地理是自然、經濟和社會以及不能忽略時間特殊事件的學科。地理教育使學生明瞭我們地球上多方面的空間結構,而造成自然空間的特徵和變化,是經過人類一連串連續作用產生的現象。瞭解地球表面自然力和時時刻刻演變,轉變過程而呈現出法測。學習以人為利用和區域價值評估的觀點,來解釋地表的演變,地表空間和文化空間差異的認識,工業國家和發展國家空間價值問題。地理教育使學生明瞭人與自然相互關係;互相依賴,也產生危機,而努力求得正面關係,以及自然和環境保育。地理學科中心問題之一,是日益減少的資源,及經人類日益損害的自然,已影響人類的生活。地理教育,培養學生對環境的自覺和對區域愛護之負責態度。地理課程,在學習技術上,特別重要的是地圖的使用,幫助於學習複雜事實現象,建立明確觀念。此外,考察是必需的地理課程,訓練學生正確而且詳細的觀察能力,敏捷而且熟練的做事方法,對景觀的組織分析,和重要的空間結構,在實際活動中,明確記載,使學生的經驗和學習過程,更順利而更有效果。
Geography is the study of nature, economics and society. In the study, time factor is decisive for the occurrence of many phenomena and cannot be overlooked. Geography Education aims to help students understand the various spatial organization on earth and that the existent properties and change of physical spatial area are resulted from a series of operations conducted by human beings. Students are informed of the natural force existing on earth surface, the constantly occurring hanges, and the rules derived from the change of these forces. Furthermore, students also learn to provide explanations for change of earth surface, to distinguish the difference between earth surface and cultural aspects, and to perceive the conflict between industrial development and spatial value in industrial countries from the perspective of human exploitation and region value. Another goal of Geography Education is to help students understand the relation between the nature and the environmental protection and Conservation, as well as the relation between human and the nature; they are interdependent and are constantly pursuing an ameliorative relation to eliminate the bursting crisis among them. One of the central issues for the study of Geography is the diminishing resources and the impact of the human beings' abuse of the nature on human lives. Thus Geography Eduction also tries to cultivate students' awareness of our environment and the responsible attitude toward the protection of regions. As to the skills, Geography curriculum should cover the most important of all is the ability to make a good use of maps. The using of maps helps students to understand complicated phenomena easily and establish clear concepts. Field study is the indispensable part in the Geography curriculum. It sharpens students' observation to make precise and detailed observation adroitly, and helps students to develop an systematic and meticulous approach to analyze the landscape and the impontant spatial o
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