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Title: Geomorphology of the Alluvial Cones near Huoyenshan, Central Taiwan
Other Titles: 臺灣中部火炎山沖積錐群的地形學研究
Authors: 黃朝恩
Issue Date: Mar-1990
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本論文的研究目的,乃以計量方法,針對台灣中部火炎山地區的沖積錐群,作詳細的地形計測、航照判釋,野外調查與粒度分析,實地探索此等地形有關形態特徵及沉積環境的許多問題。全文分為四個部分:首先介紹了沖積錐群及伴生的火炎山景觀之位置、範圍及外貌;接著闡明沖積錐的幾何形態及其營力制約;再其次著重討論構成該地形的沉積物及其各項結構參數,如粒徑、粒形和組構等,當中更採用卡方檢定和曼惠尼檢定等計量方法加以分析,以期將此一具有獨特性的沉積環境作深入及量化之掌握。最後,更把其他相類似的營力和沉積成果展現作一比較,藉以提供值得繼續研究的學術題材。
Based on documentation, morphometry, aerial photo interpretation, field measurement, and particle size analysis, this study aims at an understanding of the geomorphological characteristics and textural properties of the gravel deposits in a group of alluvial cones near Huoyenshan Area in central Taiwan. The paper is divided into four interrelated parts. First of all, the location, dimensions and surface features of the alluvial cones are described. Secondly, the geometrical appearance of these landforms are examined. Then, the properties of gravel deposits are investigated in terms of lithology, particle size, shape, and fabrics. Such attributes are analysed quantitatively with the means of chi-square test and Mann-Whitney test wherever possible. Hopefully, the sedimentological environment and results under such unique conditions may be understood. Finally, a comparison of the study sediments with those produced by other similar processes will be made to provide useful insights for further research works.
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