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Title: 我國資優教育師資的問題及改進芻議
Other Titles: Teacher Issues in the R.O.C.'s Gifted Education and Their Solutions
Authors: 王文科
Issue Date: Jun-1997
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 資優教育成效的良窳,繫於合格師資的供需是否平衡,以及品質是否提昇。為探討當前資優教育師資的數量與素質的概況,本文分從合格資優教育教師的合格率、教師資格取得的法規要求資優教育學程的規定、以及合格教師在職進修教育的安排三個向度,本諸數據的分析與學理的陳述二者兼顧考量,探索當前存在的學資優教育師資有關的問題,並進而提出因應策略的建議。
The success or failure of gifted education relies heavily on the balancing of the demand and supply of qualified teachers and on whether their quality has been promoted. In order to explore into the status quo of the quantity of current qualified teachers in gifted education and their quality, the present study, basing upon analyses of numerical data and theoretical assumptions, aims to examine the issues relevant to current teacher qualifications in gifted education from three dimensions:the ratio of qualified teachers in gifted education, the legal regulations of qualified teacher certification and requirements of professional gifted education courses, and the arrangement of in-service trainings for qualified teachers in gifted education. Recommendations for solving these problems are suggested.
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