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Title: 學科補習、成績成現與升學結果
Other Titles: Academic Cram Schooling, Academic Performance, and Opportunity of Entering Public Universities
Authors: 黃毅志
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 近年來補習教育大幅成長,但是參與補習對學業成績表現與升學的機會究竟有何效益?補習教育受到家庭社經地位影響所顯現的階層化效應又是如何?則都成為重要的研究問題。雖然學界不乏相關議題的討論,卻仍未見一致的答案。本文先對現有文獻進行了仔細的回顧與檢討,再使用「高等教育資料庫:94學年度大一新生調查」資料進行分析。分析結果顯示:所有的背景變項對學科補習參與的影響都很小;而學科補習的科數對大學入學考試的學測成績與進入公立大學機率之影響,則都是先升後降的。補習過多,不僅可能在學習方面造成反效果,也可能壓縮了學生準備資料審查與口試的時間。
With the booming of cram schools recently, the effects of cram schooling on aca-demic performance and the opportunity of entering universities are worthy of investi-gation. Also, whether the cram school participation is stratified by family social eco-nomic status needs to be answered. Some studies have touched these research ques-tions. However, no agreements have been reached. In this paper, we first make a careful review of the relevant literature, design adequate variables measurement and statistical technique, and then use “Taiwan Higher Education Data” to re-explore the questions mentioned above. The empirical results show that the effects of all back-ground variables on academic cram school participation are trivial. On the other hand, the effects of academic cram schooling on academic performance and on the opportu-nity of entering public universities are both significant. Specifically, they both reveal the “ascend first and then descend” pattern. It implies that too much academic cram schooling may worsen students' academic performance and shorten the time students can use to prepare for the inspections and interviews.
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