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Title: 大陸義務教育教材思想內涵之研究
Other Titles: A Critical study of Chinese Textbooks in Mainland China Compulsory Education
Authors: 楊慧文
Issue Date: Jan-1999
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究採用文獻分析法、內容分析法、觀察與訪談,分析大陸九年義務教育小學語文教科書思想內涵之特色與問題,做為兩岸小學國語文教科書編製之參考。本研究發現如下:壹、思想內涵的特色一、教科書依然強調思想教育,但所強調的內容略有不同二、灌輸思想教育的途徑眾多三、深化愛國主義教育四、強化「黨國」的觀念五、灌輸兒童對政治權威的正面認同六、強調「集體」與「勞動」的價值七、反映當前的政策傾向貳、思想內涵的問題一、偏重「灌輸」的手法,違背教育規準二、單一的意識型態,違背多元化的取向三、滲透敵意意識,違背「地球村」的世界觀四、漠視社會問題,有礙「三個面向」的理想五、缺乏民主法治觀念,有礙學生建立正確的公民意識六、本土意識不足,難以激起學生愛鄉愛民的情懷七、大量沿用舊教材,缺乏批判的自省。
"Since Mainland China began compulsory education in 1992, pupils on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have been receiving nine-year compulsory education. As the people of Taiwan and Mainland China have the same culture and ethnic backgrounds, this study investigated the textbooks used in China primary schools as part of the compulsory education system. Apart from the methods of literature analysis and content analysis, this study interviewed the persons concerned and observed the practices in classrooms in China. The aim of this study is to suggest some innovations that could be implemented in the future for Taiwan and Mainland China. Some suggestions for Mainland China are:a. regarding children as the center of education, establish humanistic view on philosophy of education;b. release the shackles of ideology in order to guide pupils to form their own views on values;c. broaden the perspective of “taking root in the local and taking the global view” in the selection of subject matter;d. develop the consciousness of history and examine themselves critically."
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