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Title: 家長社經背景與學生學業成就關聯性之研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Relationship between Parental Socioeconomic Backgrounds and Students' Academic Achievements
Authors: 謝孟穎
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 傳統結構功能學派強調教育主要的功能乃是提供勞工階級獲致較高的職務地位以促使社會向上流動,然而晚近的研究發現階級再製乃是社會現象之一環,此種現象的主要因素乃是學校課程隱藏著統治階級意識型態與價值觀所導致。換言之,學校教育功成為文化再製的主要途徑。誠然文化再製的理論已被西方社會所證實,但是相關研究宣稱不同社會將整合其文化脈絡之特殊性而存在不同的差異;基於此種文化差異的概念,本研究的主要目的乃是檢證臺灣教育體制中所存在的文化再製現象,進而探討家長社經背景與學生學業成就之關聯性。
Traditional structural-functionalists tend to view education as a vital means to help the working class move up in terms of social stratification.Nevertheless, the results of recent research have shown that class reproductionis a social phenomenon, the principal factors of which are ruling class ideologies and values embodied in the school curriculum. Schools are, then, among the key institutes contributing to cultural reproduction. Although such a theory has been validated in western countries, some researchers argue that different social contexts may bring about different accomplishments. In lightof these claims, this study is designed to explore the phenomenon of culturalreproduction in Taiwan by examining the relationship between students' family backgrounds and their academic achievements.
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