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Title: 學校本位管理的實施與困境
Other Titles: The Implementation and Difficulties of School-Based Management
Authors: 謝文全
Issue Date: Jun-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在討論如何實施學校本位管理。討論內容雖包括學校本位管理的意義、原則、困境與突破之道,但以原則為主,以集中焦點。為使原則的內涵更清楚及可操作化,故在討論每一項原則時,均舉出一些具體的作法供參考。綜合相關文獻與筆者的看法,本文歸納出實施學校本位管理的原則如下:1.應掌握學校自主決定的核心項目與精神。2.有追求高表現或卓越的心態並有策略性的達成。3.領導策略與成員角色應由控制轉為分享及由消極轉為積極。4.應建立家長與學生參與校務的機制。5.培養能合作的專業人員及學校本位管理能力的校長6.依學校本位管理精神增修相關教育法令與調整教育組織。7.實施同僚式的臨床視導發揮同才互濟的自主精神。8.透過多元輔導方式協助教師轉型成長。9.學校必須勇於自我批判與接受評鑑。此外,本文也提出實施學校本位管理可能遭遇到的困境,並指出其解決之途徑,以供參考。
The purpose of this article is to discuss how to implement school-based management. Although the content of this discussion includes the definition, principles, difficulties and their solutions of school-based management, the focus is put on the principles and their applications. Based on literature review, the article explores the following principles and their applications:1. The focus of school-based management should be put on instruction related items.2. School should have s strong desire to achieve high performance and excellence.3. School leadership strategy should be changed from power-over to power-with, and school principals and teachers should play a more active role.4. Participation mechanism should be established to involve parents and students in school management.5. School should cultivate collaborative school personnel.6. School regulations and organization should be amended or adjusted.7. School supervision should be school-based.8. Multiple ways should be taken to help teachers improve their instructions.9. School should be critically reflective and carry out internal and external evaluation.In addition to its implementation, the difficulties of school-based management and their solutions are also discussed.
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