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Title: 撲克牌融入因數教學之創意教學行動研究
Other Titles: Using Poker Games in Math as a Creative Means of Teaching Factors: An Action Research Approach
Authors: 黃國勳
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 針對兒童因數概念的學習困難,研究者分別設計了二個不同功能的因數教學活動,這二個教學活動從撲克牌遊戲改造而來。其中「因數K吉棒」於大班的課室進行教學,試圖強化與檢驗學生的因數概念;「因數對對碰」則進行小組的補救教學,用以強化「因數配對」的隱藏性知識。本研究透過合作行動研究的方式,由第一研究者結合一位數學教育學者和一位合作教師組成研究小組,實際進入教學現場,透過不斷的討論、反省和辯證,以探討教學方案的實踐效果。研究發現,教學活動可使學童的數學知識與生活經驗產生連結,幫助多數學童強化因數的概念,並檢驗因數概念的理解。此外,透過佈題活動,學童從具體的活動反思得到抽象的因數概念,整合了因數的相關概念,促進了學童較深度的數學思考,並引發生產性的解題策略。
In this cooperative-action research project, the authors developed two instruc-tional activities using poker games with modified playing rules in order to help stu-dents learn the mathematical concept of factors. The first activity, integrated into regu-lar math lessons, attempts to test and enhance students’ understanding of factors. The second activity, employed in remedial lessons, intends to develop the students’ implicit knowledge of factors. The authors, working with an elementary school teacher, ob-served two classes of fifth graders, one regular class and one remedial class, as they used the poker-game activities. This research team discussed and reflected on what they had observed in the classroom in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the stu-dents’ math learning. The results indicate that the newly-designed activities may: (1) help students relate math knowledge to their daily life experience; (2)increase students’ understanding of factors; (3)provoke students to derive more abstract math concepts; (4)assist students in assimilating related math concepts. In sum, given the students’ natural desire to compete and win their poker games, these activities motivate them to develop a deeper capacity for mathematical thinking and to formulate productive strategies for problem solving.
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