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Title: 日本道德教育理念的理論結構與儒家思想作用之分析
Other Titles: The Influence of Confucian Thought on the Theoretical Structure of Japanese Moral Educational Ideals
Authors: 梁忠銘
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 日本道德教育理念的理論結構可以用公共事務性格(公德)對私人事務性格(私德)為橫軸,並以橫軸區分為戰前(1945以前)與戰後(1945以後)兩大分界線。另外以神權思想對人本思想為縱軸,再以公德私德概念與神聖人俗的思想描繪出道德教育理念的四個類型:I忠君愛國型、II崇神敬祖型、III奉公滅私型、IV立身出世型。這四種類型基本上同時存在,但隨著國家與社會的發展,而偏向某種型態的發展。同時再以道德教育內涵的變遷為內面結構,描繪出構成日本道德教育的外層(形式)與內核(實質)的雙重理論結構,其結果歸納出日本道德教育理念的理論結構呈現出三點特質:(一)戰前偏重於神權思想,戰後偏重於人本思想的理論結構。(二)戰前重公德輕私德,戰後輕公德重私德的理論結構。(三)外(形式)方內(實質)圓的雙重理論結構。所謂外方內圓也就是說在表面形式上,日本戰前與戰後其道德教育的理論結構方正有序、條理分明。但是內面實質上,即使是其基本的思想在戰前為儒家思想,在戰後為歐美思想的體系,兩者雖然為截然不同的思想體系,卻呈現出圓融貫通、互為表?堛熊硎c特質。上述特質影響日本的社會文化甚深,一般來說日本的社會文化具有相互競爭但講求協調,在對立中尋求共識,減少不必要的內在消耗,尋求最大的共同利益,造就安定的社會以利國家的持續發展。這或許是我們在強調學學習西方民主式的社會體制與理念當中,對於日本詮釋儒家思想的實用意義方式,融入學校道德教育的方法,應是值得我們加以深思之處。
The theoretical structure of Japan educational concept presents three characteristics: 1.It valued the theocratic thought before 1945, but after 1945 it turned to human itarian thought. 2.It valued the public morality before 1945, but after 1945 it valued the personal morality more.3. It develops a double theoretical structure-orderly form and unified substance, which means that in the outward appearance, Japanese moral education, whether before 1945 or after, presents an orderly theoretic structure. However, in the inward substance, Japan moral education integrated the Eastern Confucian thought (the base of thought after 1945)The above three characteristics deeply influence Japanese social culture.Japanese society values not only mutual competition, but also coordination, That means people in Japanese society always try to find the consensus under the adverse circumstance in order to avoid the unnecessary conflicts over domestic affairs and to derive the maximum public benefit. Finally, what they do creates a stable society to promote the incessant growth.
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