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Title: 臺灣高等教育市場化政策導向之檢視
Other Titles: An Analysis of the Perceived Need for Increasing Market Orientation in Taiwan's Policy on Higher Education
Authors: 蓋浙生
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 一向由各國政府規劃與主導的高等教育,在20世紀中期以後,面對兩股潮流的挑戰:其一,在全球化潮流下,高等教育是否應以市場化來因應。其二,對高等教育本質的反省,如何兼顧菁英教育及普及教育的功能。臺灣的高等教育也同樣受到這兩股力量的激盪,因此需要政策擬定者重新思考政府、大學與市場化的關係,三者的定位為何。本論文,首先對教育市場化概念的形成與產生背景作一概述,特別是1970年代以降,受到新右派思潮影響下,在高等教育政策上所引進的市場概念及競爭機制受到重視。其次,若市場導向為高等教育今後發展的趨勢,臺灣高等教育是否具備此一方面的條件,文中亦加以探討。第三,本文對高等教育市場導向是轉機亦或危機,就中外學者的不同論點,加以分析,並對學者的疑慮,提出個人的看法。本文認為高等教育在市場運作上,只能說是一種準市場的機制,對高等教育發展而言,是契機而非危機。設若臺灣未來高等教育發展無法避免此一趨勢的來臨,政府應該主動提出若干配套措施,釋放若干誘因,鼓勵大學朝此一方向邁進。
Higher education policies have faced two severe challenges since the middle of the twentieth century. First, given the trend toward globalization, governments must decide whether to adopt a market orientation policy. Second, in view of broader and deeper reflections on the nature of higher education, governments must try to harmonize elite and mass education. These concerns are also felt in Taiwan, and government authorities need to evaluate the new relationship between and among the government, the university, and the market mechanism.In order to analyze the whole issue, this study first explains the concept of education marketization and its background, especially the “New Right” thinking which introduced the concepts of “market” and “competition” into the discussion of higher- education policy. It then looks at the question as to whether Taiwan will be able to adopt a strategy of “marketization” in its higher education. Finally, this study examines different views on the issue and provides some suggestions. It is concluded that Taiwan at this time only has a “quasi-market orientation” with regard to higher- education policy, and marketization would be a turning point rather than a crisis point in our educational development. If the trend toward increasing marketization is irresistible in the future, the government should take measures to support gradual change in its universities and its higher-education policy.
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