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Title: 新世紀課程改革的挑戰與課程實踐理論的重建
Other Titles: Challenges of Curriculum Reform and the Reconstruction of Practical Theories for Curriculum Praxis for the 21st Century
Authors: 甄曉蘭
Issue Date: Jan-2000
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 在迎向二十一世紀之際,台灣推動了前所未有的國民教育階段課程改革,其背後所強調的「統整性課程設計」、「學校本位課程發展」、「變通性教學評量」,及「協同教學」等重要主張,對習慣於傳統教學方式的教師而言,產生了極大的衝擊,特別在課程的發展與實踐方面,更是帶來極大的挑戰。因此,反省課程理論與實務,建立嶄新的課程實踐理論,藉以提昇課程意識、促進教學革新,乃是當下因應課程改革挑戰,落實課程改革理想的當務之急。基於此,本文一方面從實務運作層面反省當代課程發展趨勢與課程實踐理論的基礎;然後,進一步從轉化型課程領導的觀點來重新檢視課程實踐要素,分析重建課程實踐理論的途徑,提供教育實務工作者積極投入重建課程實踐理論之參考。
Heading toward the 21st century, an era of fast and fundamental changes, there have been a number of vast important curriculum changes for compulsory education in Taiwan. The big ideas behind the current curriculum reform include curriculum intergration, school-based curriculum development, alternative evaluation, team-teaching, and so forth. All these not only cause impacts on school teacher’s teaching, but also bring challenges to curriculum development and pedagogical practices in elementary and junior high schools. Therefore, having critical reflections on curriculum theories and curricular practices has become an urgent need for practitioners to cope with the reform challenges and to put into practice the reform ideals. In this paper, the author not only reviews the practical challenges brought by the current curriculum reform for compulsory education but also examines the current trends in curriculum theory building. Then, based on the concepts of transformative curriculum leadership, the author further explores the essential elements for curriculum praxis and approaches for reconstructing curriculum theories. It is encouraged in this paper that teachers need to be actively involved in theorizing their personal practical knowledge for the construction of practical theories for curriculum praxis.
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