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Title: 待完成的教育哲學體系
Other Titles: Reconstructing the 1934?1937 Debate over Modern China's Philosophy of Education
Authors: 吳美瑤
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文試圖重建1934年到1937年間,有關中國教育哲學發展的論爭過程,並指出當時爭論的一些問題焦點。首先,分為四個部分說明這段論爭過程:一、新教育哲學方向的探索;二、文化整合的教育哲學與救國主義式的教育哲學;三、美國實用主義教育哲學家(例如J. Dewey、W. H. Kilpatrick等)的意見;四、以一種救國主義式的教育哲學為終結。其次,試圖從學者們所爭論的幾個問題做進一步的反思。從理論建構與社會現實之間的關係、教育哲學是一種哲學的教育學或是教育的哲學以及其所建構的理論是一種民族主義式的教育哲學,或是一種普遍性的教育哲學等問題進行討論。最後,本文希望能夠透過對這段論爭過程的說明以及其中所爭議的幾個問題進行反省,以期能對今日教育哲學的研究,提供一些新的啟示。
The focus of this article is to reconstruct the debates concerning the development of Chinese educational philosophy between 1934 and 1937. The process of development of these debates is broken down into four stages, which are then analyzed one by one. Several questions historical researchers have been arguing about are discussed, and some suggestions are offered. By describing the process of development of the debates and reflecting on the key issues, the author tries to look at the 1934-1937 debate from a fresh perspective. The ultimate goal of the article is to shed new light on the current state of educational philosophy, particularly in China and Taiwan.
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