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Title: 臺北市成人之資訊素養現況及其影響因素分析
Other Titles: The Condition and the Influential Factors of Information Literacy for Adult in Taipei
Authors: 王秋絨
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在探究成人資訊素養的主要內涵,了解不同背景的成人資訊素養的水準及 其影響因素,作為提昇我國國民資訊素養的參考。準此,本研究利用文獻分析及問卷調查 進行研究,獲致下列結論: 一、成人資訊素養具有多元內涵。 二、台北市民成人資訊素養受到年齡、教育、職業、收入、工作性質、學習經驗、個人設 備等因素影響。 三、台北市民之成人資訊素養之取用能力、評估能力、組織能力及應用能力有待加強。 四、台北市民成人資訊品質與工作性質有關。 五、台北市民成人質訊素養的品質隨著教育程度而提高。 根據上述結論,本研究提出下列建議: 一、推動整合型的資訊素養教育。 二、結合相關單位,增加成人上網的機會。 三、發展適於成人學習的教學模式與課程教材。 四、培育成人資訊素養教育專門師資。 五、提昇成人基本教育水準,在國中小補校試辦資訊素養教育課程。 六、推廣全民資訊素養學習運動。 七、加強資訊倫理與批判教育。 八、加強資訊素養的深入研究。
The purpose of this study is to explore the major elements of adult information literacy and to realize the condition and the influential factors of information literacy for adults in different backgrounds in order to promote our citizens' information literacy. Through literacy analysis and questionnaire investigation, this study gets some findings as follow: 1.The adult information literacy implies diverse connotations. 2.The adult information literacy of Taipei citizens is affected by some internal and external factors. 3.The adult information literacy of Taipei citizens on "access", "evaluate" ,"organize", and "apply" is needed to promote. 4.The adult information literacy quality of Taipei citizens is related to the property of their work. According to the results, some proposals in this study are in the following: 1.To forward the integrated information literacy education. 2.To associate the related information organizations, increasing the chance to link the internet. 3.To supply outlays to promote the adult information literacy. 4.To develop teaching modes and courses suiting the adult. 5.To educate expert teachers of the adult information literacy education. 6.To promote the plane of the adult basic education. 7.To popularize a universal learning campaign about information literacy. 8.To reinforce information ethic and critical education. 9.To incrcase advanced researches of information literacy.
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